Avans University of Applied Sciences

The basic principle of Avans University of Applied Sciences is rooted in and springs from its social environment. To maintain and expand its value within its environment, Avans must continue to meet the changing demands of the labour market and the world of work. Read more


Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences is a medium-sized, government-funded higher education institute. More than 7,000 Dutch and international students from some 100 countries are studying at the institute. University offers bachelor’s and master’s programme at professional (‘hbo’) and academic (‘wo’) level in the domains of Games, Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics, Built Environment, Tourism and Leisure & Events. Read more


Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Fontys Hogescholen (Fontys University of Applied Sciences, or ‘Fontys’) is one of the largest Dutch universities, with campuses located primarily in the south of Holland. Despite the large student numbers, education at Fontys is organised on a small scale. At Fontys, internationalization is a key issue. They offer English-language education to foreign students who wish to follow complete course programmes and/or to foreign students visiting us as exchange students. Quality is the key feature of the Fontys vision. Fontys strives to achieve a level of quality that will match that of any higher education institution in the European context. Read more


Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Hanze University of Applied Sciences is a large, comprehensive university of applied sciences that has been educating skilled and committed professionals for over two centuries. Hanze graduates enrich those they come into contact with, both individuals and society at large. They share their talents and move the world. This world has changed over the past two hundred years and the university of applied sciences has changed along with it. Read more

HZ University of Applied Sciences

HZ has around 4,800 students divided over four study years and 23 bachelor degree programmes, eight of which are taught in English. Some 500 students come from outside the Netherlands, so they have a great mix of Dutch and international students. Easy mathematics will tell you that with such numbers, classes are going to be small. Read more


NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is a result of Stenden University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences merge after being friendly neighbours for many years. The university retains the rich history and experience of both institutions, dating back to 1845. This results in an internationally-orientated institution, with strong ties to local communities and businesses. Read more

Rotterdam Business School

Rotterdam Business School (RBS) is the international business school of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. International business is what it is all about at Rotterdam Business School (RBS). Over 2,500 students are currently enrolled in their English-taught bachelor and master programmes. Read more

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history – its roots can be traced back to the 1875. A merger of two educational institutions, the HogeschoolEnschede and HogeschoolIJselland, in 1998 paved the way for Saxion University in its present form. This merger enabled Saxion to build further on its strong position in Dutch higher education and since then Saxion University has come to be recognised as an important centre of expertise at regional, national and international level. Read more


The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) is a secure, hands-on environment where they can develop and innovate as global citizens – to come together to share in the development, networking, and practice. This is how University plans to shape and change the world we live in, while they develop their own knowledge and skills. Read more

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world and work on your personal development? Study at Van Hall Larenstein, the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands! VHL offers a range of unique English-taught Bachelor and Master programmes in fields in which The Netherlands performs at the top. So whether you are interested in nutrition or international trade, are looking for a bachelor degree in the equine sports industry or want to work on the United Nations Sustainability Goals, they have the right programme for you. Read more