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Cov’N’Greek Live | Nikolas Georgiou – 29.11.2019

The Greek and Cypriot Society of Coventry is organizing a Greek night with singer Nikolas Georgiou on November 29 at the Majors Bar for Cypriot and Greek students studying at Coventry. Opportunity for a beautiful break from reading and creating beautiful student memories. Nikolas Georgiou is one of the most promising Cypriot singers who recently signed a contract with Panik Records Ltd and released his first hit "Big Heart" ? Reservations until Sunday 24/11. Reservations will be in order of priority (first come first served). * Reservations will be confirmed after the tickets are purchased. * Ticket presale information & amp; [...]

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The Hellenic & amp; Cypriot East Midlands happily closes its 3 years of operation and evolves into a Regional Championship of all Midlands, with the aim of integrating even more teams! In an initiative of E.F.E.K. The UK is launching an anti-Drug campaign this year, with the slogan "YES to football-NO to drugs". The campaign is carried out in collaboration with the Anti-Drug Service of the Cyprus Police, so the 2 championships of E.F.E.K. UK is dedicated to this campaign. The East Midlands Championship offers a lot of thrills every year, with razor-sharp championships! Madness, Passion, Frustration, Atonement and Joy, just [...]

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Welcome Party of the Hellenic & Cypriot Society of Derby!

As every year, the Hellenic & Cypriot Society of Derby organized a Dating Gathering in Derby, upon the arrival of the students at the university. The new students had the opportunity to meet the members of the society as well as young and old students. During the meeting useful information was given on issues regarding: - Bank account - Enrollment sto Uni - Phone card (sim card) - Blackboard (Udo) - Bus routes Delicacies and drinks were offered! It was a beautiful gathering that all students young and old enjoyed.

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Find out why Stefanos chose Nottingham Trent University for his studies in England!

See below what Stefanos Hadjittofi said at about his student life at Nottingham Trent University: - Hello Stefane. We would first like to ask you why you chose Nottingham Trent University for your studies? What won you over there? What won me over at Nottingham Trent University is that it is one of the few universities in England that invests most of its revenue into research and development. . This helps the university to rise to the upper echelons of technology compared to other universities. - What steps did you take before moving to Nottingham? The steps I followed were [...]

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Andreas’s experiences for his studies at Middlesex University!

See below what Andreas Stylianou said at about his student life at Middlesex University: - Hello Andrea. First you want to tell us why you chose to study in England and specifically Middlesex? I chose to study in England because it is a great destination for study, with a very high level of study . I specifically chose Middlesex University because it was the university that offered me the ideal courses for my studies. Middlesex offers many disciplines and helps students follow their dreams . My choice of decision was final when I paid a visit to Middlesex before I [...]

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The experiences of a Greek student studying at the University of Derby

Ioannis-Thomas Dimakopoulos, who is studying at the University of Derby Business Administration, describes his first year at the University and the adaptation to his new student life. > As an international student, I was worried about leaving my home in Greece to study abroad. Although I'm not afraid of challenges, I'm a little worried about what I'll face in the UK, but in the end it 's not scary at all and it' s really worth taking this step and studying abroad. On the day of arrival, everything went very smoothly and I soon adapted to the new environment. The good [...]

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Everything that persuaded George to study in Reading, England interviewed a third-year Cypriot student, George Christoforou, who is studying Economics at Reading University Hailing from Nicosia , his hobby is Handball. Hello George. First explain why you wanted to study in England and specifically in Reading? The reason I wanted to study in England is because of the high level of university and the different experiences one gets when one goes abroad. I chose Reading because of its location (it is next to London) and because of the very good university it has. What attracted you to this field of study? How did you prepare before you started [...]

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Our student Nicholas told us why he is studying Aerospace Technology at Coventry University!

See below what he told us about his student life at Coventry: Hello Nikola. First you want to tell us the reasons why you study specifically at Coventry University? Why did you decide to study Aerospace Technology? The reason I decided to study at Coventry University is entirely related to my degree. Coventry provides excellent laboratories and facilities in the field of Engineering, specifically Aerospace. Teachers provide ongoing support to students and with a variety of internships, you get the right supplies for your future career. Few universities are involved in Aerospace Engineering, so the options are limited. The Coventry facilities [...]

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Anastasis explained to us why he is studying Business Management in Bolton, England!

Are you thinking of starting studying in the UK ? Are you worried about what student life will look like and would like to know the basics from a student's perspective ? We recently spoke with a Cypriot student studying at Bolton, Anastasis Pyrillis. In particular, he is studying Business Management at Bolton University . See below what he told us about his student life at Bolton: Hello Resurrection. First you want to tell us what led you to study in England and specifically in Bolton? Compared to other countries, anyone who wants to study in England has a quick receipt [...]

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