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  • Founded in 1998 in Nicosia, Cyprus, by the Academic Dr. Sofron Sofroniou, in collaboration with a dynamic team of associates specialised in the field of education consultancy. The company offers know-how, guidance and support services to candidate students, not only during the admission stage, but also throughout the entire course of studies and the accommodation in Universities and Colleges in the UK and the USA. Its reliability and high quality of services have been the key factors that helped the company become a well-established, constantly developing and evolving one over the last 20 years.
  • As Managing Director, Chris Sofroniou continues and sustains the success story of Global Educational Services. Through reliability and professionalism, which are the foundation for an even greater step closer to what we call success, he continues to develop the educational work in accordance with our era. Today, more students –undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctorate ones– study in Universities of their choice, based on statistical data, making their life dreams come true and achieving the goals they have set. Based on special planning, they acquire knowledge and skills, become distinct scientists and ensure a successful career in Cyprus, Greece and abroad.
  • Twenty years later, Global Educational Services has signed agreements of representation and collaboration with the elite of the most renowned Universities, apart from the UK and the USA, in Cyprus, Greece and other popular countries, for studies depending on the specialty and choice of the course of studies, such as: the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Sweden, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Albania in all fields of Science. A high level of education in all programs of study –preparatory, graduate and postgraduate ones– is guaranteed to all students.
  • Additionally, the company has expanded and broadened its horizons abroad. It already operates in the field of education in Greece, with the establishment of its office in Marousi, Attica, but also in the Middle East and Africa, via the company “Providence Education & Training Middle East & Africa” with headquarters in Beirut. (

Global S. & C. Educational Services

22 Sina street, Block B, Office 003, Engomi Nicosia (near the American Embassy)
P.O. Box 27598, 2431
Tel: +357 22 780250, 22 772244, Fax: +357 22 780260

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