Distance Learning: Online courses.

Nowadays Distance Learning programmes are popular and accessible educational systems with a number of advantages to the student.

The Global Education Team in Nicosia can guide you consistently and professionally to choose the right programme of studies for you and the field of your interest as well as the university may you choose either in Great Britain, Cyprus, America and countries of the EU.

In Britain, for the academic year 2018-2019 the fees for Distance Learning programmes for students who come from the EU countries are paid for by the British government through student loans granted.

Some facts about Distance Learning programmes

  • Universities have already created and continue to create online programmes of study equivalent to ordinary programmes and responding to the experiences and the standards of interested students.
  • The candidate students has the option of choosing programmes that are suitable to their personal potentialities through the International Chart of Education (without limiting themselves to one and only programme of study) that will satisfy their aims.
  • Though technology and the constant use of emails, blogs, portals, teleconferencing, multimedia, LCM, VLE, and other ways such programmes annihilate distances.
  • The communication channel is divided according to the specific programmes that include study, teaching, examinations and the specialist professor that will be assigned to you for supervision.
  • The qualifications obtained have exactly the same validity and recognition as equivalent ordinary qualifications such as those contained in N.3328/2005 (FEK A’ 80/01-04-2005) article 4, parag 1a and the DOATAP (you may find more information at the Recognition of Qualifications in Distance Learning).
  • The cost of fees is not prohibitive as the universities adjust their fees and offer accessible financial solutions. The fees are determined based on the University, the course, the country of origin and the field of study. Usually the fees range from 3000-25000euro. The payment of fees varies according to university policy
  • The student may be offered a scholarship on the basis of exceptional academic performance
  • It is possible to vary the program of studies on the basis of the candidate student’s income so that one may choose a number of modules or courses that one can afford.
  • The method of Online Courses has the merit of the possibility of attendance by all the candidates who face problems in cases of moving to another country or even to their own country because of professional of personal reasons.
  • Economic reasons are a basic factor in studying abroad, in relation to available funds and living expenses, according to the chosen country, which form an extra burden, beside the cost of educational fees.
  • The student can choose the time and place for his studies during specific days and hours in the week in any location.
  • He may follow new educational methods that are developed in other countries.
  • The online access of the student to electronic libraries, scientific databases and sources of information that is available without economic cost, providing controlled access is considered obligatory.
  • Distance Learning creates the possibility of personal development and achievement in existing professional fields or in other fields of responsibility for a candidate who chooses to combine study and work or family responsibilities, military service etc.
  • Many universities internationally offer BA Honors and MBA degrees through the internet and through part-time study. The students can specialize in a business field such as International Business, Marketing, and Project Management etc.
  • An MBA for example provides the student with skills, critical analysis and strategic thinking which are necessary qualifications for a responsible position in a company and in the administration of a company at home and abroad. The combination of various programmes of study in business will be very valuable in your professional career.

Persons with some difficulties in motion or learning can also take part in Distance learning, sometimes with spectacular success.