Once an entry position has been established in the selected university, the subject of residence should be settled immediately. Most Universities, mainly in England and Cyprus, guarantee their stay in their various student dormitories.

Global in this case:

Ηelps the student and offers alternative choices for the student campus of the University. It gives precise information on costs and benefits, so that the student compares and ultimately chooses, based on the benefits and each person’s financial budget.

The student will then complete the application by putting at least 3-4 options. Based on availability, the University makes an offer. The sooner the form is completed, the greater will be the chances of obtaining the first choice, because the accommodation to be offered may not be the first choice.

It offers the possibility of choosing to stay in private student homes located very close to the University. They have excellent facilities and provide security 24 hours a day. This service is provided through Student Lettings, the only company, not only in Cyprus but also in Greece, which deals exclusively with securing students with a stay in the UK.

The Accommodation Service is offered both through the integrated process and separately to those who have already applied for Universities on their own and need help to immediately find accommodation.

If you are interested in securing a place in student halls in Universities and in private homes, you can call us at +357 22 78.0250 and +357 2278.5022.

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