Language courses abroad: a great experience!

We are dedicated to curate the best language courses around the world and provide our students with options that match their expectations and open for them global opportunities. Our Student Counselling Service provides individual guidance for every step of the process.


Berlin and Freiburg

Alpadia Language Schools is a Swiss company with an international vision, devoted to excellence in teaching languages to enrich students’ futures. Inspired by our multifaceted and multilingual country, we create an unparalleled student experience encouraging language development through immersion.

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English courses for students 16+

UK, USA, Canada, Ausralia, New Zeland, Ireland

Kaplan International has more than 80 years of educational experience. Kaplan has several locations in six different countries to fit every international student’s needs and wishes. English Language Courses in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

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German English, Bussiness English

Dublin, Ireland

The language school Dorset College was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1983. Our English Courses combine a wide range of English skills to help students feel more at home in the English-speaking world right from the beginning.

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English Language Program

England, Ireland, America, Canada and Australia

Since opening our doors in 1974 we have grown into an institution covering 3 Continents. OHC English Centres are now one of the most expansive, accredited deliverers of English Language Courses and Programmes in world. We offer exciting central city and beautiful town locations in England, Ireland, America, Canada and Australia which makes it easier for you to enjoy exploring and studying in your chosen location.

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Junior Intensive week aged 12+

English language and Exam prep courses aged 17+


Active Language Learning Dublin offers a dynamic and immersive language learning experience in the heart of Dublin. Through interactive teaching methods, experienced instructors, and a diverse range of courses, the school provides a supportive environment for students to enhance their language skills while immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Ireland’s capital city.

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