In Britain

Summer Courses are offered in Colleges in England for pupils who would like to have a special experience in learning combined with recreation.

Pupils can enrol from the age of eight to seventeen and they can choose, together with their parent’s, one of a number of towns and cities in England. The courses last for two weeks during the summer months of July and August.

All the colleges we have selected for you are situated in beautiful locations and in pleasant environments which are also well-known for their high educational standards. Those who will participate will have the chance to improve their English, both in speaking and in writing at the appropriated level. At the same time they will have the possibility of engaging in a number of sports activities that are offered by the colleges. They have first class athletic installations and equipment in football, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby and other fields.

If you are interested in summer college courses we will be glad to give you the necessary information.

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  1. In Cyprus

UClan Cyprus General English Course: all levels

Improve your speech, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing; emphasis on the practice of productive skills; speech and writing; improving your learning capabilities.

Intensive lessons in English will give you the opportunity to join smoothly the degree or postgraduate programme that you have chosen. The course will upgrade your academic skills in English reading and writing, listening and speaking; methods of study; fully understanding questions of different kinds; programming and time management; critical analysis and skills in speedy location of information

The programmes offered:

Up to 25 hours of English every week, choice between 4 – 8 – 12 – 16 weeks of teaching.

How can I enrol?

For further information you may contact the Global Group at the

telephones: + 357 22 780250 and.

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