Aarhus University

Based in the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus University is a comprehensive, research-intensive and globally oriented university. The Faculty of Arts is one of four faculties here. With a research staff of more than 500, it is among the largest faculties in Northern Europe for research and teaching within the field of cultural and social practices. Read more

Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus, University of Applied Sciences, is a professional institution of higher education.
BAAA offers a variety of programmes at Academy Profession (AP) and Bachelor’s degree (BA) level. An AP degree lasts 2-2½ years and may be followed by a BA topup programme for 1½ years in order to obtain a full Bachelor’s degree. A BA programme lasts 3½ years.
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Dania Academy

Dania Academy is one of Denmark’s higher education institutions and offers English taught programmes in IT, Automotive Management, Service, Hospitality and Tourism, and Marketing Management.Read more

UCL University College

The Lillebaelt Academy is located in the very heart of Odense, the third largest city in Denmark. Lillebaelt was established by the merging of Tietgen Business College, SDE College, Kold College and Vejle Business College on 1st of January 2009. Read more


University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

University College Northern Denmark School of Technology and Business is a training institution offering pragmatic and professional academic programmes to students who need quick access to a business career. Read more

University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark has created an institution of higher research and education which provides first-class educational opportunities and is cooperation partner for both public and private businesses and organisations for providing qualified labour. Read more

VIA Design, Technology & Business

VIA Design is Scandinavia’s largest design and business academy within the fashion and lifestyle industry. More than 1400 students are currently enrolled in VIA Design programmes within the areas of fashion and textiles, as well as furniture and furnishings. VIA Design is located in a rather small town called Herning. That is a trade fair and congress centre in Denmark. Read more

VIA University College

VIA University College is Denmark’s largest and most international University College – also known as a university of applied sciences – with a total of 18,500 students of which 2,500 are international students from all over the world. Read more

Zealand – Academy of Technologies and Business

Zealand offers a number of international ordinary higher education programmes (AP Degree Programmes and Bachelor Degree Programmes). Ordinary programmes are higher education programmes aimed at students pursuing a higher educational qualification. All ordinary programmes are full time degree programmes. Read more