Welcome to Dubai: Dubai, one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, is a global business hub known for its modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. It has also emerged as an international education destination, attracting approximately 27,500 international students seeking study abroad opportunities.

Universities & Colleges in Dubai: Dubai boasts a wide range of international universities, branch campuses, private colleges, and government-owned institutions. Here’s a glimpse of the numbers:

  • 5 Public Universities and 65 Universities and Colleges
  • 3 Federal Universities and 27 International Branch Campuses
  • 20 other Universities Offering Internationally Accredited Degree Programs and Diplomas

With established education systems and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Dubai offers a wealth of options for international students.

Varied Program Options and Globally Recognized Degrees: Dubai provides a diverse selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines. Students can choose from fields such as Engineering, Technology, Computers, IT, Science, Architecture, Aviation, Management, Business, Economics, Media, Mass Communication, Law, and many more. Dubai is also witnessing upcoming projects in fashion designing, building construction, and interior designing.

Upon completion of their programs, students receive recognized degrees from the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE, widely accepted globally.

Affordable Tuition Fees and Living Costs: Dubai offers a pocket-friendly study destination with significantly lower tuition fees and living costs compared to the United Kingdom, the United States, and European countries. Tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from 37,500 AED to 70,000 AED, while master’s programs range from 55,000 AED to 75,000 AED. The cost of living varies based on lifestyle and location, typically ranging from 3,000 AED to 4,000 AED per month.

Scholarships: International students have the opportunity to study in Dubai on fully or partially funded scholarships provided by the Dubai Government or universities in Dubai. Exemplary academic performance is the primary criterion for scholarship eligibility.

Work While Studying: Students can work on campus for up to 15 hours per week or 60 hours per month during academic sessions. During summer breaks, they can work up to 40 hours per week or 160 hours per month. Part-time work requires permission from the university or college.

Abundant Career Opportunities: Dubai’s rapidly growing economy has attracted multinational organizations such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and HSBC, establishing a strong presence in the city. Dubai Internet City (DIC), a technological hub, hosts over 1,600 businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. DIC’s tech incubators actively seek innovative ideas shaping the future of cybersecurity, digital media, mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities.

Unlock your potential in Dubai, a city of limitless opportunities, and embark on a transformative educational journey in this thriving global metropolis.