Global S&C Educational Services: 20 years of experience and educational success

The common goal of our agile team is training, consultancy support, quality evaluation and successfully processing the admission in Academic Institutions in various Programs of Studies that include Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate and Distance.

Our vision is to offer our candidate students guidance, through diligence and efficacy, so that they opt for the best possible choice that will provide them with all the necessary qualifications and skills.

It is vitally important to plan their future career. Today, parents are puzzled as to their children’s academic future that is closely connected with their professional career, which is why they seek specialised professional education counselors who will contribute to and guarantee the most suitable Program of Studies and the admission to the corresponding University.

Undeniably, our Team’s mission is to build profound relations of trust will all interested, future students. Based on our valuable experience, we propose tailored alternatives to each student in several countries of the EU, the UK and the USA.

Our goals are ambitious and they are achieved through the constructive collaboration which yields both personal and corporate success.

If you are interested in investigating the possibilities of collaboration with us, you are more than welcome to visit our premises in Cyprus. We will extensively inform you about the international academic market and we will also propose solutions for the fields of studies in specific countries. The key of our success clearly derives from our extraordinary Team, adapted to the needs and prospects of our era.