Dear students,

Through a comprehensive educational and professional approach, out of respect to your own, unique needs, we have signed collaboration agreements with Universities in the UK, Cyprus, the USA and other European countries, as you may explicitly see on our web site.

These days, the correct guidance in the final choice of a University and the corresponding Program of Studies suitable for your academic studies, is probably the most important decision you have to make in your life, the one that will define the future of your professional career.

The final decision is exclusively up to YOU, our students, one that has to be made after specialised consultancy and briefing.

In the past few years, I have been able to distinguish an incremental trend towards the need for additional support in the process of choosing a field of studies. Young men and women find it hard to detect the field of studies that best suits their unique personality and interests.

Our primary role as a specialised consultancy agency with 20 years of experience is, via a prompt and accurate evaluation process, to offer the correct stimuli in order to enable candidate students to discover their real character traits.

These stimuli also result from the modern Career Gate Test in a comprehensible and prompt way, thus leading us to valid information, featuring the dynamics, specification and direction that you are to follow.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage students to ensure the ultimate combination of their temperament and interests in order to achieve a new start in their career.

The final decision unquestionably results from profound thinking, data processing and the corresponding outcomes. Naturally, in an altering and dynamically evolving environment, there is no such thing as a sole, right decision. In a social level, theoretically speaking, paths lead to a default field of studies, a profession and a career that uniquely expresses each person’s exclusive success in the professional arena.

Both the team of Global Educational Services and I are here for YOU, to offer you our valid, appropriate and professional support through the process of guaranteeing your admission and course of studies throughout your Academic years, the financing and scholarships, the precipitation of processes as well as finding accommodation, all tailored to suit your very own needs.

Don’t forget that Global Educational Services was exclusively created to cover your unique needs of searching and studying in carefully selected Universities, both in Cyprus and abroad.