Higher education in Denmark

As an international student in Denmark you can expect world-class education in areas such as engineering, life sciences, social sciences and IT. You will also be studying in a safe, friendly and innovation-driven environment.

In Denmark, higher education is focused on bringing about solutions for the real-world. Thus, traditional lectures are combined with industrial collaborations and teaching methods that promote students’ ability to use what they have learned and to turn new knowledge into innovative solutions.

The Danish educational system is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical and critical thinking.

An ongoing accreditation and quality assurance is your guarantee that all programmes are of the highest international quality and relevance.

Why choose Denmark?

  • NO tuition fee for citizens of European Union countries
  • World-class education that is recognised everywhere
  • Innovative study methodologies (e.g. problem-based learning)
  • High student satisfaction
  • Close cooperation with the industry
  • Free Danish courses
  • Wide choice of international programmes taught in English
  • Well paid student jobs and grant possibilities

Financing your studies in Denmark

  • There are NO tuition fees for EU students.
  • Average rent for accommodation is around €300 per month.
  • Minimum salary is €13 per hour which will easily help you cover the living expenses.
  • In addition, when working 10-12 hours per week and studying full-time, the Danish government will support you with a grant up to 700€ per month!
  • Average cost on transportation is €40-60 (if you don’t use bike) and on food €200-300.

What is an AP-degree?

Academy Profession (AP) Degree programs are short cycle higher education programs offered at different institutions throughout Denmark. An AP Degree is comparable to the first two years of a 3-year Bachelor Degree. The graduates have the possibility to continue their studies for a year and receive a Bachelor Degree in a final year or top-up course either in Denmark or somewhere else.

AP Programs provide students with analytical and professional skills, and the programs combine theory and practical application relevant for employment in business and industry. At the same time AP Degree Programmes qualify graduates for further studies at universities.

All AP Degree Programs are designed in close collaboration with representatives from relevant sectors of business and industry to ensure appropriate competence profiles of the graduates.

What is top-up programme?

Final year or top-up programmes are for students who have received an AP degree and wish to continue their studies to get a Bachelor degree. It is also suitable for students who have completed the first two years of their Bachelor studies or have already received a Bachelor degree. At the end of the final year or top-up course the student will receive a Bachelor degree from the university where he/she took the course.

There are different possibilities how to do a top-up programme:

  1. You do your AP degree in Denmark and then a top-up also in Denmark to get a bachelor degree.
  2. You do your AP degree in Denmark but a top-up in the Netherlands or UK for example. This way you will get actually 2 diplomas during your studies (diploma from Denmark and a bachelor degree from your last university). Although, it’s import to make sure that AP degree and top-up programme fit together.
  3. You have finished a university in your home country but would like to study abroad. Then you can go to a final year programme and receive a double bachelor degree.