Zealand offers a number of international ordinary higher education programmes (AP Degree Programmes and Bachelor Degree Programmes). Ordinary programmes are higher education programmes aimed at students pursuing a higher educational qualification. All ordinary programmes are full time degree programmes.

AP is short for Academic Profession. AP degree programme is a Danish 2 year degree equivalent to the first 2 years of a bachelor degree. Students who have passed an AP degree can continue in a top-up bachelor programme, either in Denmark or other countries. The top-up bachelor degree programmes are also open for admission for applicants with an international higher education degree equivalent to the Danish AP degree.


Currency rate: 7,45 DKK = 1 €

Living cost in Denmark varies place to place and universities to universities. However, in average the cost of living for international students in Denmark is approximately between 500€ and 800€ per one month. The cost of living in Copenhagen is higher that in other parts of Denmark.

  • Living place is in average 250-350 € per month (2500 DKK).
  • Transportation is around 40-60 € per month (400 DKK). Many students prefer bicycles as it is very easy in Denmark to get around by bicycle.
  • Food & other costs are in average 200-300 € per month (2000 DKK). Compared to other European countries, food and personal care items are expensive in Denmark. To get an idea of the price level, please visit the websites of supermarket chains in Denmark, such as Fotex, Netto, Aldi, Lidl, etc.

5,800 € per year will typically cover accommodation, food and general personal expenses.