The Faculty of Arts

Based in the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus University is a comprehensive, research-intensive and globally oriented university. The Faculty of Arts is one of four faculties here. With a research staff of more than 500, it is among the largest faculties in Northern Europe for research and teaching within the field of cultural and social practices.

Arts is home to a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinarities. On this basis, the university seeks to address the most urgent challenges facing society today. A commitment to interact with society and seek solutions to pressing social questions is balanced with an emphasis on contributing to basic research.


Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Sciences conducts research, education and innovation of the highest international caliber. Through research-based education our highly skilled and acknowledged staff educates and mentors our extremely demanded bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students to be leaders of the next generation. Computer science is very important for the development of all sectors of society.

Indeed, the use of IT is a key factor for increasing productivity in Denmark, and the importance is reflected in the fact that our graduates enter into a, otherwise challenged, job market with no unemployment for them. The department will continue and improve our current work in order to be recognized as one of Europe’s leading departments in computer science.