See below what he told us about his student life at Coventry:

Hello Nikola. First you want to tell us the reasons why you study specifically at Coventry University? Why did you decide to study Aerospace Technology?

The reason I decided to study at Coventry University is entirely related to my degree. Coventry provides excellent laboratories and facilities in the field of Engineering, specifically Aerospace. Teachers provide ongoing support to students and with a variety of internships, you get the right supplies for your future career.

Few universities are involved in Aerospace Engineering, so the options are limited. The Coventry facilities with the fighter jets and the university’s partnerships with various airlines such as Emirates make this experience unique.

I decided to study Aerospace Technology because from a young age I had a great love for airplanes.

I did not just want to fly them, but I was always interested in how they were made and how they could fly safely.

How important was timely preparation before you started your studies, before going to Coventry? How did you prepare before you started your studies?

Early preparation is always important and school lessons like Math and Physics helped me get through the beginning before I started my journey as a future Aerospace Engineer .

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How do you spend your time in Coventry during your student life? What makes you stand out the most?

Coventry is a very beautiful and small town and the campus is located in the center with all the student dormitories and entertainment of the city. There are many restaurants, bars and clubs for different student tastes.

Student life is calm and relaxed with several days of reading and other days of fun with our friends, at home or somewhere outside. Several events are organized by the Greek and Cypriot Society on the weekends, for the students to have fun and get to know each other.

What stands out most is how close the students are there, supporting each other and some friendships I am sure will last for many years.

Do you think that student life in England has helped you in certain areas of your character and social life?

Being away from your family and the security of your home for long periods of time makes you mature and able to respond to difficulties without immediately asking for help from others.

Helps you manage your time better between classes, social life and responsibilities.

What would you advise a prospective student considering studying in your field? Why study at Coventry (district and university)?

Anyone interested in studying in my field, I highly recommend Coventry University. The experience, knowledge and help from the academic staff is vast and a resource for the future.

Coventry is a wonderful city in life, opportunities and is in an amazing location in the heart of England. You can visit any city you want and of course it has airports nearby.

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We thank Nikolas for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?

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