Andreas’s experiences for his studies at Middlesex University!

See below what Andreas Stylianou said at about his student life at Middlesex University:

– Hello Andrea. First you want to tell us why you chose to study in England and specifically Middlesex?

I chose to study in England because it is a great destination for study, with a very high level of study .

I specifically chose Middlesex University because it was the university that offered me the ideal courses for my studies. Middlesex offers many disciplines and helps students follow their dreams .

My choice of decision was final when I paid a visit to Middlesex before I started my studies.

- Why did you choose this field of study? How did you prepare before you started your studies?

I chose this field ( Biochemistry ) because I want to become a cancer research scientist . The workshops at Middlesex are very sophisticated and very ideal for acquiring knowledge and a lot of lab techniques . These can help you in any research.

At first I did not know which university I wanted to go to and I had not prepared myself much. Global Education has been very supportive of me in this regard and I am very grateful for the help they have given me.

With the help of Global Education, I was able to complete all the necessary paperwork for university and student dormitories, while it was difficult to do it on my own.

- What sets you apart from Middlesex, both in terms of area and campus facilities?

Middlesex is a very special university , located in a very good part of London. It is located in the Zone 4 of London which makes it special at the most affordable prices, in terms of food and home, compared to central London.

Regarding the facilities of the university it is of a very good standard. The workshops are very new and advanced for the courses. It has the MDX House , a place for students to relax and unwind from their classes and spend quality time with their classmates.

The Collage building is Middlesex's main building where the university's courses and events take place. But what makes it stand out is the Middlesex library, the Sheppard’s library . It has 5 floors along with the ground floor and the basement and each floor has a different service for each student in terms of studies and way of reading.

Middlesex offers free and unlimited printing for all students and books are offered for free . Also, in case a student needs to study on the computer, he does not need to bring his own, since there are unlimited PCs in the library. He can even borrow computers for free and take it to class or home.

Middlesex helps fight environmental pollution by developing living plant Wall and bee hive on its roof Groove building. Middlesex also has a gym, basketball and football courts and a real tennis court.

- Why do you think a new Middlesex student is worth studying for? What will he gain (in experience and knowledge)?

In my opinion a young student deserves to study at Middlesex because there are many disciplines available and they can change their course if they want to.

Also, the materials offered for each industry are highly developed, so you will gain significant experience. In addition, the student can have very good experiences from the events that take place. In terms of knowledge, the level is very high, since the teachers are always at the disposal of the students.

The student, if he wants, can become a member or make his own society. It's a great tactic to start meeting new people and make new friends.

- Finally, what sets you apart from studying in England in general and why do you think they differ from other countries?

Compared to other countries, I single out the level of study and diversity of students studying in England. It is very important for the student to get to know people from different countries and to get to know different cultures .

I would encourage anyone in need of help from Global Education , as they are very helpful, pleasant and helpful people. Surely the prospective student will secure the ideal university along with Global Education.

We thank Andreas for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?

Do you want to study at Middlesex University in England? Contact the representative of the University of Cyprus, Global Education Services , for more information & amp; securing a place!

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