Hailing from Nicosia , his hobby is Handball.

Hello George. First explain why you wanted to study in England and specifically in Reading?

The reason I wanted to study in England is because of the high level of university and the different experiences one gets when one goes abroad.

I chose Reading because of its location (it is next to London) and because of the very good university it has.

What attracted you to this field of study? How did you prepare before you started your studies?

Economics as a study is very interesting for me and at the same time it is very important in general.

They help you learn the most important things about our economy and ways that can fix problems in important areas, such as unemployment and poverty.

In short, finances are everything, in my opinion.

Global Education helped me a lot with my preparation before I went to school, helping me find a great university .

What do you enjoy most about Reading? The area; The University; Nightlife?

At Reading I enjoy the area, the university and the nightlife. Our university is beautiful and the area in the center of Reading is very quiet.

People are very friendly and a student from Cyprus can easily adapt.

The nightlife includes the Greek Nights that we organize as society , but also many other breweries that one can go if one wants to go out.

What does Reading (student and personal experiences) have to offer a new student?

Reading can give a student a balance between reading and personal life.

It can do both with proper management and not be deprived of anything.

Finally, what do you think differentiates studying in England?
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England for me is an opportunity to see new lifestyles and new mentalities . It is extremely important for a person to leave Cyprus for a few years if and when they have the opportunity to study in England .

The things one learns and sees abroad are very important. Global Education helps students have this opportunity, as well as getting into a good university.

We thank George for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?

Do you want to study Reading in England too? Contact the representative of the University of Cyprus, Global Education Services , for more information & amp; securing a place!