Find out why Stefanos chose Nottingham Trent University for his studies in England!

See below what Stefanos Hadjittofi said at about his student life at Nottingham Trent University:
– Hello Stefane. We would first like to ask you why you chose Nottingham Trent University for your studies? What won you over there?

What won me over at Nottingham Trent University is that it is one of the few universities in England that invests most of its revenue into research and development. .

This helps the university to rise to the upper echelons of technology compared to other universities.

– What steps did you take before moving to Nottingham?

The steps I followed were very simple. During my military service I was able to visit Nottingham and several acquaintances and friends from Nottingham who gave me some basic information about Nottingham City, student life and trafficking in the city.

Through the Global Education event, in collaboration with the PWC , I met many people who would come to the university.

This made my transfer to Nottingham easier, making various acquaintances before I started university and reading.

– What’s special about your student life there?

Due to the acquaintances and contacts I had with the students here, they gave me the opportunity to be elected Treasurer and next year president of the Cypriot and Hellenic Society of Nottingham Trent University .

With the help of Global Education which is the sponsor of our society, I had the opportunity to take part in organizing various events we did here, with the Cypriot and Greek Society of the University of Nottingham em>.

– Do you think that if you did not study at Nottingham Trent University, you would be a different person in character or knowledge you have acquired?

I think so. This university gave me the opportunity through a course and then through a research I did about it, to enter the world of machine learning , which I intend to follow in the future.

– Finally, why do you think it is worthwhile for a prospective student to choose your major at Nottingham Trent University?

I think the most important reason to choose Mathematics as a study is that it is complex and Nottingham Trent University gives you the opportunity to see all the ways you can get with a degree in Mathematics.

When you ask for help from Global Education , there is plenty to gain:

  • Can find where and what would be best for him to study.
  • He will get help on where to live in the city of his choice and without help it would be very difficult.
  • Through various events organized by Global, he will get generally useful information about his future as a student.

We thank Stefanos for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?

Do you want to study at Nottingham Trend University in England? Contact the representative of the University of Cyprus, Global Education Services , for more information & amp; securing a place!

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