NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is a result of Stenden University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences merge after being friendly neighbours for many years. The university retains the rich history and experience of both institutions, dating back to 1845. This results in an internationally-orientated institution, with strong ties to local communities and businesses.

The educational concept combines an interdisciplinary approach with a practical focus. This means students will get real-world assignments to solve. The practical application of their own innovative solutions is at the core of this method. This way of working has been in the DNA of both institutions, so continuing down that fruitful path is the obvious choice to make.

Studying at NHL Stenden is an exciting new experience. Students will be challenged to voice their opinion and take the initiative. Students do this in a safe learning environment where respect for different views and backgrounds is a shared value. In small and personal groups of students, lecturers, and researchers, students will tackle real-life assignments from the actual field. Together students will test their ideas in practice, to make sure they work as expected. Students will have to work on assignments from both local and international organisations, which is the best way to prepare students for their future line of work.

To study at NHL Stenden means becoming a strong-willed and resourceful professional, able to act with thoughtful assertiveness. The views on the world which students will develop will enable them to come up with innovative solutions to any issue. This is where NHL Stenden excels: in a rapidly-changing world, students will make the impossible possible!

More reasons to choose Stenden University:

  • University offers students a wide and diverse variety of international certificate, Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes and specialisations.
  • All programmes at NHL Stenden meet the quality standards established by the Dutch government and its quality and accreditation assurance body.
  • Another advantage of Dutch higher education is its affordability compared to other countries, such as the USA, UK or Switzerland, which all have higher university tuition fees.
  • The in-house Learning Companies are professional training enterprises for specific NHL Stenden degree programmes. Here, students will not only receive regular tuition, but also benefit from training in a professional organisation, working on real assignments from external clients and gaining invaluable hands-on experience.
  • NHL Stenden maintains strong links with the business world, giving students access, if eligible, to internships in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries all over Europe.
  • With Design Based Education (DBE), ideas are turned into practical solutions, often in an international context. Students will work in small interdisciplinary groups on assignments from actual clients, which is the best way to prepare them for their future field.