Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history – its roots can be traced back to the 1875. A merger of two educational institutions, the HogeschoolEnschede and HogeschoolIJselland, in 1998 paved the way for Saxion University in its present form. This merger enabled Saxion to build further on its strong position in Dutch higher education and since then Saxion University has come to be recognised as an important centre of expertise at regional, national and international level.

  • Quality of education:Saxion offers a broad range of courses at various levels, including many international programmes. The quality of education at Saxion is monitored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as well as being accredited by several international bodies, assuring you that the programmes on offer are of a high standard.
  • International approach: We are very proud of our diverse student body. Our international student population tops 3,500 students with a total of 89 different nationalities. Many of Saxion’s full-time educational courses are already conducted in English, with more being added each year. Our ‘international classrooms’ are made up of a mix of students from all over the world. In this way we provide you with a truly multi-cultural experience in which you can compare experiences with and learn from fellow students of different backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Support to students: Education at Saxion is very student-focused and we offer you support not only from an academic point of view but also in terms of your personal development. While studying at Saxion University you will have the opportunity to gain both the knowledge and the skills you require to continue on your chosen career path.

Coming to the Netherlands from abroad can of course be a big step for many international students. If you are arriving from outside of the Netherlands, University aims to make the transition for you as smooth as possible, and they have therefore established a network of host families (Friends of Saxion International Students) who are on hand to help you settle into life in the Netherlands. They also have a ‘Buddy’ programme, whereby current students can help guide you through your initial period of studying at Saxion.


Saxion University of Applied Sciences has three campuses in the East of the Netherlands – one campus in each of the three Dutch cities of Deventer, Enschede and Apeldoorn. Thanks to the important contribution of agriculture to the local economy, this region is renowned for its beautiful countryside and fairly relaxed pace of life. However, all four Saxion locations have good public transport facilities, meaning that the hustle and bustle of the major cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague is no more than 1½ hours away.

The international courses are all taught at the campuses in Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn. All campuses are equipped with computerrooms, library facilities and restaurants. Wireless internet is available throughout the campuses enabling you to bring your laptop and work, study, search and check your email wherever you want.

  • About SaxionEnschede: From 1998 till 2001 a lot of hard work is done to build a new campus in Enschede. The building is the first real ‘City campus’ in Holland. It doesn’t look like a traditional school at all. Characteristic to the building are the pavilions, which lodge different types of education. The campus does not consist of just classrooms but also of study group – and individual working spaces, the so-called ‘study landscape’. The City campus is situated in a quiet green part of the town, next to the city park and only a few minutes walking away from bus and train station and the lovely town centre. The campus has a lot to offer: restaurants, an espresso bar and a theatre. These facilities all contribute to a pleasant stay. In addition to the main campus, we recently opened a completely new 7-story building that houses our School of Creative Technology.
  • About Saxion Deventer: The Saxion campus in Deventer is situated within walking distance from the railway station. The striking architecture, designed by the Dutch architect Paul Dirks and the special location, a few minutes from the old town, the town centre and the arts centre, are all ingredients that make this an exceptional learning environment. Over the last couple of years this campus has been extended with a new central hall and more classrooms.
  • About Saxion Apeldoorn: Apeldoorn houses is Saxion’s smallest campus. This new, characteristic building is used by Hospitality Business School to teach Hotel Management programmes.

Once you have decided to study abroad, accommodation is one of the things that needs to be arranged. University encourages European students to find their own accommodation. However, in case you would like to have everything arranged in time and want to immerse yourself in international student life, they also offer the possibility to reserve a room in one of their international student houses.