HZ has around 4,800 students divided over four study years and 23 bachelor degree programmes, eight of which are taught in English. Some 500 students come from outside the Netherlands, so they have a great mix of Dutch and international students. Easy mathematics will tell you that with such numbers, classes are going to be small.

Teachers and staff put great emphasis on individual coaching. Your study coach will help you choose courses and explore your career possibilities. Ask any international student and they will tell you the lecturers and tutors are readily available to assist you when needed. HZ also has the facilities and individual services for students with a disability or chronic illness.

As a university of applied sciences they have positioned theirselves as experts in Water and Land, Tourism and Business, Industry and Logistics. The international degree programmes are fully in line with these spearheads.

Every year the ‘KeuzegidsHogerOnderwijs’ (Guide to Higher Education) holds a survey of higher education in the Netherlands. For eight years in a row, the guide has ranked HZ in the top 3 of multidisciplinary Dutch universities of applied sciences. The small student groups, practical approach and international orientation are among HZ’s assets. But also the classrooms, workspaces and computer facilities were rated as excellent.

Higher vocational education, or in Dutch, ‘HogerBeroepsOnderwijs’ (HBO), provides students with theoretical education alongside practical, professional qualifications required for high-level occupations. In addition to lectures, seminars and projects, students are required to complete a work placement and a research project for their final dissertation.


Tulip fields, windmills, wooden shoes and plenty of cheese. Also lots of people for its small surface area: over 17 million inhabitants on 41,528 km². Oddly enough, there are even more bikes: 20 million. The Dutch are known as open-minded, tolerant and friendly. A long tradition of trading and seafaring has made them fluent in languages.

Located in the coastal town of Vlissingen, in the Dutch province of Zeeland, the HZ is ideally located in the southwest of the Netherlands to provide a unique experience both on and off campus.

Zeeland is well known for its stunning countryside, coastal villages, sand dunes and natural reserves. Literally translated, Zeeland means ‘sea’ and ‘land’ and the area lives up to its name! It is a delta area consisting of islands and sea arms interconnected by dams, bridges and tunnels. This picturesque region is rich in culture and history with amazing beaches, festivals and many activities to take advantage of. It is the most popular tourist region in the Netherlands. Living in this province, you will find museums, local markets, and regional food and music festivals. Zeeland also plays host to big events such as Film by the Sea, Liberation Day Festival and Zeeland After Summer Festival.

  • Vlissingen is a student and tourist town with a population of approximately 45,000. It is a friendly town where you can get around everywhere by bike. It has all amenities necessary to enjoy life while preparing for your future. With its beautiful beach, the longest promenade in the Netherlands and many pavement cafes, Vlissingen exudes a year-round holiday atmosphere. You can explore the surrounding coastline and villages by bike due to the extensive network of bike trails. Major European cities are accessible within a few short hours by either car or train, making student life off campus a learning experience as well!
  • The neighbouring town to Vlissingen is Middelburg, which is the capital of Zeeland. Some HZ classes take place in this historic town. You can easily get there by bike or on the train to explore one of the most beautiful city centres in the Netherlands. You will discover historical monuments, the abbey, cosy restaurants, pubs and many outdoor cafes.

When you are looking for accommodation in Vlissingen, there are possibilities to find a good and affordable room. Most student houses are near the city centre and within cycling distance of HZ. You are also close to the Vlissingen Boulevard and beach when you want to get a breath of fresh air.

Make sure you book a room in time (preferably in the early spring), so you have the best chances to book the room that suits your wishes. You have several options regarding to renting a room. Accommodation varies from single units to three to nine-bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.