Fontys Hogescholen (Fontys University of Applied Sciences, or ‘Fontys’) is one of the largest Dutch universities, with campuses located primarily in the south of Holland. Despite the large student numbers, education at Fontys is organised on a small scale. At Fontys, internationalisation is a key issue. They offer English-language education to foreign students who wish to follow complete course programmes and/or to foreign students visiting us as exchange students. Quality is the key feature of the Fontys vision. Fontys strives to achieve a level of quality that will match that of any higher education institution in the European context.

Fontys focuses particular attention on the parameters necessary for ensuring the smooth progress of studies, such as study career supervision, coaching and a ‘buddy’ system, education and examination timetables, feedback regarding assessments and assignments, study progress registration, information provision and the accessibility of teaching staff.

University strives to be an educational institution that ‘inspires growth through support & challenges’. This is also something that you will notice throughout Fontys, i.e. in the course programmes, in the teaching staff, in the personal supervision that you will receive and in the facilities available. At Fontys, you will learn in conjunction with others and they will provide you with intensive supervision throughout this process. In short, selecting Fontys for your further education amounts to a good choice!


The international course programmes are conducted at the campuses located in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo. All campuses are equipped with computer rooms, libraries and student restaurants. Wireless Internet is available throughout the campuses, enabling you to bring your laptop to Fontys and to work, study, search for information and check your e-mail wherever you happen to be at Fontys.

  • Eindhoven

The region Eindhoven is located in South-East of the Netherlands and is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and is home to world-class businesses, knowledge institutes and research institiutions. This region is internationally known as Brainport Region; a centre of science and technology. The Eindhoven Campus is formed by a collection of buildings located throughout Eindhoven, most of which are within walking distance of the central railway station. Eindhoven is a genuine student city, with a wide-ranging array of student facilities available.

“Brainport Eindhoven” region is a splendid environment for becoming a professional. This is the place where the high-tech companies design and improve state of the art industrial and consumer products for customers all over the world. In our 4-years Bachelor programmes, the first two years consist of theoretical and practical subjects (including projects) in the study field of your choice. The third year you will have an internship semester in an (inter)national company and in the other semester you will participate in a minor programme of your choice. In the fourth year you will have one semester at the University and you finalize your Bachelor degree with a graduation project in an (inter)national company. Students who have performed very well during the first year of study will be offered the opportunity to take part in excellence-programmes.

  • Venlo

Fontys Venlo is located only 5 minutes away from Germany, in one of the strongest cross-border regions in Europe. Being Europe’s most important logistics hotspot, it has always had an international focus and a strong sense of entrepreneurship. The cosy and historic city center of Venlo has buildings dating back to the 14th century. Venlo’s city centre is characterized by many beautiful and historic buildings that remind of the predominant centuries-old tradition. Here, a vibrant, beautiful and modern city has developed around this historic centre attracting many locals and tourists through its multiple shops, restaurants, cafes and leisure activities.

However, it is not always easy for international students to find accommodation in the Netherlands. Therefore, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Fontys) offers a service to provide students with assistance in securing suitable accommodation (i.e. a student room) for the first period of their studies at Fontys.

Although Fontys does not have its own campus dorms, it has established cooperations with a number of different accommodations agencies and landlords. Through such cooperations, Fontys can provide students with guidance in finding accommodation for a semester or academic year at Fontys. The range of available accommodation is extremely varied, but all satisfy specific standards and are located within a short distance from the different Fontys campuses.