Quick facts about Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey:

  • F.D.U is a private university based in New Jersey that offers a wide variety of courses
  • There are two campuses, the main one being the Teaneck campus, which is just 6 miles west of New York City. The second campus is the Madison campus, and it is another 35 miles west of New York City.
  • There are roughly 10 000 students currently at F.D.U, and around 1000 of these students are international students – from over 63 countries.
  • Entry requirements for students from Cyprus include an apolyterion of 15 and above, a TOEFL score of at least 550 (217) or an O Level English grade of C. SAT’s are not required for admission, but it does help the application, and is favorable if the student will be applying for a scholarship.
  • Any student that has A levels will be given credits for them, and will start off year 1 already having a number of credits towards their degree.
  • Tuition fees for undergraduate courses are around $18 000
  • Academic scholarships are available to students from Cyprus, and can be as high as $9 000 annually.
  • Accommodation is available for students on campus