Quick facts about Berkeley College, New York:

  • A college that specializes only in undergraduate Business courses.
  • Excellent placement and job opportunities are organized by Berkeley College for graduate students.
  • A high school diploma with a good diploma is required, and proof of English for admission. SAT is not required for entry, but is handled favorably.
  • As with all US universities, there is an application fee.
  • Students have the opportunity to receive a full course load, even in the summer, and therefore have the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degrees in 3 years instead of 4.
  • Tuition is about $ 15,000 for the academic year
  • Scholarships are available for international students up to 25%
  • Berkeley College places every international student in the dormitories
  • The main campus is located in New York City, with other campuses in Westchester (New York), Garret Mountain (New Jersey), Bergen (New Jersey) and Middlesex (New Jersey).