Are you thinking of starting a study in the UK ? Wondering what a student life will look like and would like to know the basics from a student’s perspective ?

We recently spoke with a third-year student at Coventry, Christopher Diamantidis. Christopher is from Nicosia and is 21 years old. He is studying Law at Coventry University.

In parallel with his studies, he had the honor – as he told us – to take over the presidency of the Association of Greek and Cypriot Students of Coventry.

Let’s see what he said in our interview about his student life at Coventry :

Hello Christopher . First you want to tell us the reasons that led you to choose Coventry University for your studies?

Personally, I decided to go to England to study, as I considered the experience of living away from home necessary, in terms of independence and maturity of a person .

Coventry University is the first former polytechnic to rise to the top 15 universities in England, according to The Guardian.

This is just one example of the rapid growth of the university , both academically and as an environment in general, having been voted the most modern university of the year < / 3 times in a row! This made it stand out from the rest of the choices I was given. How important was timely preparation before you started your studies? Do you think that you made the right choices and steps before going to Coventry ?

Like many others, I found myself during my tenure in the National Guard wondering what and where I would study , without even thinking about what I wanted to do. the rest of my life.

That was when I went to Global Education and ended up in the field of Law, after remarkable advice from Mr. Chris Sofroniou.

Then Global Education was there, throughout the application process and finding accommodation. So, their timely preparation thanks to their help, allowed me to make the most of and enjoy the experience of transitioning to student life to the fullest.

Describe your typical day at Coventry . Can you imagine living the same if you studied in Cyprus? Why?

First of all, the amount of work in my field of study is remarkable. Most of my free time outside of class is spent on weekly work and review .

Nevertheless, thanks to my time management skills , I have plenty of free time. So, I can follow some of my other interests, such as music and cooking, but also play sports in amateur football.

Sure I could study and have similar occupations if I was studying in Cyprus, but the experience of doing all this as an independent and responsible person in a foreign country brings with it important skills and cultivation of character that would not be possible in the comfort of Cyprus and the family.

Do you think that student life in England has helped you to develop specific areas of your character?

Having reached the final stage of my degree, looking at my career during my studies, I believe that I have evolved , both academically and as a human being in general.

My study and learning methods have improved and they certainly perform better than in the past.

Also through the presidency of the “Greek and Cypriot Society of < strong the University of Coventry ”, I have been given the opportunity to practice various skills that I developed during my studies . For example, administration, segregation of duties, problem solving, but most importantly relationship building .

What would you advise a prospective student considering studying in your field? Why would you recommend Coventry (area and university)?

Initially, I would recommend Coventry for all the reasons I mentioned earlier, also considering the importance my faculty places on quick and personal response to students throughout their studies.

This is done thanks to excellent technology management , through the university’s online platform.

So, in conclusion, I would advise a prospective student in my field to make the most of everything the university has to offer in order to bring out the best in themselves.

We thank Christopher for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future!