The Pre departure event of Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University for the freshers took place on Tuesday 3rd September. The event was organized by Global Educational Services and the Nottingham Cyprus and Greek Society. Global Educational Services is the representative of both universities and a constant sponsor and supporter of the society.

Chris Sofroniou, Executive Director of Global Educational Services, spoke to the new students about life in Nottingham and wished them good luck.There was also a greeting from the President of the Cyprus and Greek Society of Nottingham, Dimitris Dimitriou, who pointed out that the society would always be a there for the new students.

All newcomers who attended the event had the opportunity to learn useful information about the University as well as the city of Nottingham. In addition, they enjoyed a variety of drinks and delicious food and pastries at Deloitte’s roof garden.


All the new students were offered gifts that were sent by the universities for this purpose. Also provided was the ‘New Student Guide’ with all the information a young student needs in regards to knowing all about studying in Nottingham. The booklet was prepared by Global Educational Services along with the Society.


A big thank you to Deloitte for the lovely hospitality. Best wishes to all Nottingham students.