The established pre-departure event for new students, studying at Coventry University from September 2019 was held with great success on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at Wayne’s Coffee, The event was co-organized by Global Educational Services, the university representatives in Cyprus along with the Greek and Cypriot Society of Coventry.

New students had the opportunity to get to meet each other but also to learn useful information from board members in a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying their drink. The president of the society, Konstantinos Leonidou, made a presentation about what young students needed to know about their student life in Coventry.


Global Educational Services gave all new students a Pre departure pack that included a Study Guide along with various promotional gifts sent out by the university for the occasion.


A big thank you to all the new students who attended. Also, a warm thank you to the board members of the society as well as all the old students who came to support the event. Good luck to all the students and wishes for a good academic year. We will be, close to society as we have been for many years and as we are to all students for whatever they need.