A gathering of young students studying at Derby University took place on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at Presse Café in Nicosia.

The event was organized by Global Educational Services, the exclusive representatives of the University in Cyprus in collaboration with Derby Hellenic & Cypriot Society.

The event began with a brief presentation by the Society’s President, Orestis Leontiou, who welcomed the new students, spoke about the action and work of the Society, and provided useful tips for their smooth integration into the university. This was followed by a greeting from Global Educational Services Managing Director, Chris Sofroniou, who wished everyone good luck and said that Global would continue to be next to them for whatever they needed.

All new students were given a bag containing the Study Guide along with various promotional gifts sent out by the university specifically for the occasion.

The event continued in a relaxed atmosphere with fine music, enabling attendees to get to know each other.