The Cypriot Government has decided on the temporary dismissal of national guardsmen of 2020 B ‘ESSO who have secured places in English universities, helping these students start their studies before the tuition fees are increased and the student loans are no longer available next year.

It is recalled that 522 males had expressed an interest in studying in Britain through the common platform set up by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education. Some of them, of course, have already secured a place at the University of Cyprus. It is therefore understood that the number of males benefiting from the Cabinet’s decision will not exceed 522, and there may be several fewer.”The Ministers Comitee, at its meeting today decided the temporary dismissal of soldiers who have been enrolled in the 2020 ESSO and who have secured places in English universities for the year 2020 in accordance with the criteria and conditions that have been set,” said. Mr. Kousios, recalling the issue that had arisen after the decision of the UK universities to increase the tuition fees.

Despite the late decision by the government to suspend the military service, there is still the possibility of securing a place even for children who did not go through the process of securing a place in British universities. A date has not yet been set for soldiers to hand in the acceptance letter. Global Education have managed to secure several places in the last few days and we are at your disposal to help you as well. By securing a place we will arrange your stay in university halls or in private halls depending on your availability and preferences.

For more information please contact 22 780250 or 22785022. You can send your academic qualifications and the program you wish to study by e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.