Are you thinking of starting a study in the UK ? Wondering what student life will look like and would like to know the basics from the perspective of someone who studied there ?

We recently spoke with Stefani Angelidou , a graduate Clinical Dietitian. Stefani comes from Limassol and is 23 years old. He graduated from the Department of Dietetics of the University of Hertfordshire (in collaboration with the University of Nicosia). She is a registered Clinical Dietitian in the Cyprus Scientists / Technologists and Dietitians Registration Council and in the Health and Care Professions Council of the United Kingdom.

In her spare time, she engages in dance and surfs the internet for information on the latest scientific data in the field of Clinical Dietetics, which interests her personally and professionally.

Let’s see what she said in our interview about her student life in Nottingham :

Hello Stefani. First you want to explain to us why you chose Nottingham for your studies and specifically this curriculum?

As a registered Clinical Dietitian I decided that I wanted to develop specialized knowledge and practical training on the nutritional intervention of specific diseases.

So I started an extensive research to find a well-designed degree that will help me develop my research skills and discover the latest scientific data in the field of Clinical Dietetics .

The decision to select the University of Nottingham was not difficult, as the University’s Department of Life Sciences is world-renowned for its academic excellence in teaching and research.

In addition, the “Advanced Dietetic Practice ” offered by the university is recognized and tailored, according to the requirements of the British Dietetic Association, and as therefore offers internationally recognized education.

The scenic and safe student city of Nottingham, as well as the stunning green landscapes on campus, along with all the necessary services, contributed significantly to my decision to follow. the specific curriculum at the University of Nottingham.

What procedures did you take to secure a place at university?

For the process of securing a place at the university I turned to the academic advisors of Global S & amp; C Education < / strong> Services .

The highly trained and experienced professional team of consultants offered by Global S & C Education Services, guided and supported me in securing a place in the graduate program I was interested in, as well as in securing university accommodation. I was also briefed on the social life and activities of Nottingham City.

What do you think ‘s about Nottingham that sets it apart from other cities in England?

Nottingham’s multicultural and friendly atmosphere as well as the picturesqueness of the city are some of the things that set this city apart from others in England.

Also the history of the city with Nottingham Castle, combined with modern architecture and countless options for indoor and outdoor entertainment ( rowing and countless green parks) are some of the unique features of the city!

Do you think that studying in England will help you to develop more, both professionally and individually?

I believe that my studies in England will significantly contribute to my professional and personal development.

The specialized knowledge and research skills that I will acquire through my degree, will help me make a significant contribution to the nutritional treatment of diseases that affect a large portion of the population of our island.

In addition, the acquaintance and strong friendship I developed with people of different nationalities, but also the experience of living abroad, are important elements that contributed to the development of my character and different perceptions.

Is there a Greek community in Nottingham ? Tell us a little about her.

The Greek community in Nottingham is very active , and often organizes fun events and meetings!

Extremely important was the organization of a meeting of the Greek community in Cyprus , a few weeks before our departure for Nottingham, which contributed significantly to the acquaintance between the members of the community and to the exchange of experiences and advice < / members> already living in Nottingham.

What should anyone interested in studying in your field or in Nottingham in general have in mind? What advice would you give him?

Nottingham offers an excellent level of education , combined with a wonderful student life .

Therefore, I highly recommend attending the University of Nottingham, regardless of field of interest.

The only advice I would give to people interested in studying in Nottingham is confidence, adaptation and dating with people of other nationalities. Of course they are in the mood for a lot of study, so make the most of their stay and education at the University of Nottingham!

We thank Stefani for what she told us and wish her every success in what she does in the future! ?