Do you have acquaintances who study in England or are you interested in studying there as well? To help you, we recently asked a Cypriot student studying in one of England’s largest cities, Nottingham.

Pantelis Grigoriadis , is 20 years old and comes from Nicosia. He plays football and he likes programming very much. That’s why he started studying Computer Science at University of Nottingham .

See below what he told us about his student life there:

Hello Pantelis. First you want to tell us the criteria for studying in Nottingham? Did they only concern the University? Life in England? The cost of living? Or something else?

Initially, I would study Computer Science at the University of Cyprus. Then I changed my mind, after realizing that I wanted to study abroad. I chose Nottingham because it’s so good at Computer Science.

It is also a destination city for students (about 75,000 students) and life is not expensive. It is a big city and easy to learn. Also, it has everything you need, you can find it easily and quickly, since the transport and transfers are at a high level (every 10 minutes there are buses at all stops).

It also has some very nice parks. As I looked around Nottingham, I read that nightlife is great. This is true, since you have many options, such as many breweries, bars and clubs. Finally, student events are organized by the university, but also by our Greek Society, and it is very nice.

Do you think you made a good choice? Would you change anything in your decision (either at your place of residence or at university)?

I am very satisfied and I think I made the best choice to come to England to study and especially in Nottingham. I live in the private homes of Unite, which is right next to the Jubilee, the Campus where I do my homework, and it is very convenient for me even though it is far from the city.

But I would like to live in the city, so next year I will rent an apartment with my classmates. It is more convenient to stay there, because it has everything you need near you e.g. Cafes, malls, shops, supermarkets, kiosks, restaurants, etc.

What do you think makes Nottingham special for Cypriot students? Is there anything you can not find in another English town?

Nottingham, like every city in England, is special. It is a very beautiful city for studies and student life. Also, in Nottingham various festivals are organized every month e.g. beer, many kinds of music, etc.

What is it like to study in a foreign country, away from family and friends? What are the pros / cons?

When you study far from your country there are many positives and few negatives. First of all, you live alone, you have responsibilities and expenses and you have to manage them yourself. Thus, you take on responsibilities and become a responsible person.

You also socialize, as you get to know people from other countries and different nationalities, so you learn the language better and come in contact with other habits and cultures. If you live with people in a home, you also learn how to live with other people besides your family.

It’s definitely hard for you, your parents and your friends at first, because it’s a sudden change! You also need to get used to the English language quickly in order to be able to cope at university.

Did any training consultant help you in your final choice? How important was his help in your final decision?

My goal to come to England to study was realized through Global Educational Services and specifically by K. Chris Sofroniou. Initially, as I mentioned, I would study in Cyprus and almost at the last minute I decided on England. Mr. Chris helped me a lot, as he clarified very important things to me and we found the right universities in England for me. The help offered by Mr. Chris and the services of Global Educational Services are very important and help you to find the university you want to study.

What will you remember from your student days in Nottingham?

What I will never forget about Nottingham is the strong friendships we have made with many people from Cyprus and abroad.

Would you recommend a prospective student to study at Nottingham and specifically at your university? What arguments would you use to convince him?

I would definitely recommend someone to study in Nottingham, as the university is very good.

Nottingham is a very nice city, full of students, great nightlife and the cost of living is not high.

We thank Pantelis for what he told us and wish him every success in the future! ?