The first back-to-uni festival was held at the University of Cyprus on Thursday 19 September 2019 in a nice, pleasant atmosphere. Global Educational Services gave its present with an impressive stand.

Students who visited Global had the opportunity to learn about education abroad, from experienced counselors and participated in the various games organized by Global team.

Global consultant for studies in the Netherlands prepared the game ‘Trivia’ with questions for the Netherlands and its universities. Study Advisor for Germany found a fun way, using an app where students learnt important information about studying in Germany while playing.

The Career Guidance consultant, urged students to try the “Personality Wheel”. The wheel featured the 6 personalities of Holland. The player had to spin the colorful wheel  which then stopped in a triangle which displayed a specific personality. The consultant then analyzed the personality traits and related occupations that fit such a personality. Of course as you can see the results were random and the interested ones were playing for fun !!

At Global stand, Middlesex University also attended and offered a game called “Middlesex Scrabble”, where students had to form as many words as possible using letters from the name of the University. The winners received promotional gifts from the university. A university representative also provided valuable information to students who were interested in pursuing their Masters at Middlesex University.

It was also a beautiful day for Global staff who had a change of scenery and had a fun day out of the office.All students from the University of Cyprus who visited our booth at the UniFest 2019 event and played our games, received gifts from our Mystery bags.

It truly was our pleasure to offer some fun and games to the students and we were also able to offer information to the tem and to see many happy faces.