Parents on Monday said they were disappointed by the results of the high school leaving exams with the average grade in most core subjects falling below the pass mark.

According to the results, announced on Sunday, the average grade for Modern Greek was 9.05 and core Mathematics was 7.89. The pass mark is 10 out of 20.

Pupils fared slightly better in advanced mathematics with an average of 9.4. The average grade in history was 7.82, 9.55 in chemistry and 9.39 in physics.

Among the subjects with averages over the base was biology at 11.03.

Pupils fared better in languages. At 17.23, German exams results were the highest grade average, while it was 13.65 for English.

The exams for high-school leavers also serve as university entry exams.

The head of the federation of public secondary education parents, Kyriacos Nikiforou, told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) that parents were disappointed and concerned over the results.

He said it was imperative that changes are made as soon as the new school year starts.

The group would seek serious changes to the educational system, Nikiforou said.

It seems, he said, changes must be made, first and foremost on the way pupils are assessed so that grades reflect their abilities.

The education ministry is to announce the entrance results for state universities in Cyprus and military schools in Greece at July 2. The results for placements in the state universities of Greece are expected to be announced within the first ten days of July.

Meanwhile public schools have been instructed by the education ministry to reschedule graduation ceremonies and other events that may have been arranged to take place on Tuesday, which is a public sector holiday due to the death of former President Demetris Christofias