The results of the Pancyprian exams became available on the website of the ministry, education minister Prodromos Prodromou announced on Monday morning.

Monday’s results show that of the more than 7,000 students who took them only 13 managed to get the perfect score of 20 out of 20.

As in previous years, the average mark in core subjects remains below 50 per cent. Though there were some improvements in several subjects, such as modern and ancient Greek, in maths and in history, all other subjects registered lower average marks compared to last year.

7,295 candidates participated in the exams, of these, 5,318 aspired to find positions in the higher education institutions of Cyprus and Greece, where currently 2,809 positions are available, 1,757 at the University of Cyprus, 870 at the Cyprus University of Technology, 94 at the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus and 88 in the military schools of Greece.

The results are available here: