For those who have EU pre-settled status, the Home Office has announced two significant amendments. The aforementioned adjustments will be communicated through email starting in July 2023.

Pre-settled status holders will receive a two-year extension automatically. As a result, holders will have more time to apply for settled status, a permanent status that requires applicants to have lived in the UK for at least five years with a maximum absence of 180 days every rolling 12-month period. Due to this modification, those who have a higher amount of absenteeism, such as those who have COVID-19 it may now be possible for VID-19 or travelers who did not previously qualify for settled status to do so.

The Home Office plans to automatically convert some pre-settled status holders to settled status starting in 2024. The specifics of this procedure have not been made public. We anticipate that it might only apply in the most straightforward situations, such as when the holder has a complete employment national insurance record that HMRC can verify. We advise pre-settled status holders with the required residency to apply for settled status immediately because the procedure is likely to take some time.