Harry Papacharalambous is a postgraduate student in Physiotherapy in Coventry , England . For him, Coventry was not something new as an environment, because he had lived something similar for 5 years in Budapest, when he completed his first degree.

Coventry , as he explained to us, is a small town. You can easily travel to any other city you want, but also within the city itself. Residents are friendly and willing to help with whatever you need, which makes it friendlier to the city and its people.

According to him, the university of Coventry is very organized with several activities, with the opportunity to meet other students and make friends much easier. The university staff and professors are willing to help students.

Let’s see what he said in our interview:

Hello Grace. First you want to tell us the criteria for doing your master’s degree in Coventry, England? Did they only concern the university? Life in England? The cost of living? Or something else?

The truth is that deciding on my Master Degree and coming to the UK at the time of the Brexit vote , was a big decision. The truth is that I did not face any problems, since the University itself as well as our professors, had assured us that we would not have any problems.

The university’s selection criteria were based on the University level and the title I would receive from the University.

Coventry University is one of the top 20 universities in the UK in the field of physiotherapy .

In addition, the University of Coventry is one of the only ones in the United Kingdom that allows you to register with the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP), which is very important for physiotherapists, and is ideal for being a member of such an organization.

Coventry is a beautiful city for study and student life. Coventry organizes various festivals such as beer, music and local festivals, which give you the opportunity to spend some time reading. On the other hand, it is a small and quiet city only for students, but you can easily combine your fun with traveling to either Birmingham or London ( 20 minutes from < em> Birmingham and 1 hour and 20 minutes from London ).

How did you find out about the graduate student loan? Did anyone help you with this application?

I was informed about the postgraduate student loan via the internet and through radio ads from Global Educational Services .

The same day I booked an appointment and went to Global, where they immediately helped me fill out the necessary forms and gave me the appropriate information I needed for the loan. So, I would like to thank Global Educational Services for their valuable help.

In the end, my decision was the best I could have made.

What do you think will be unforgettable from your postgraduate student days at Coventry ?

What I will never forget about Coventry are the student parties that gave me the opportunity to unwind and spend time with friends and classmates.

I will also remember the strong friendships we made with many people from abroad, but also the hours we spent with my classmates in the University library to read and complete our work.

Would you recommend a prospective student to study at Coventry (district and university)? What would you say to convince him?

It goes without saying that I would recommend someone to study at Coventry, since the University is very good, as are our courses and teachers. Everything is organized , in order and student life is pretty good. As I mentioned before students can travel to other cities near Coventry, including London and thus combine an excursion, get to know other places and get away from reading a bit.

There are also opportunities for extra courses in Physiotherapy courses and students at the University can use the latest techniques in physiotherapy. This is also very good for them to make the decision to come to our University to study.