Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) welcomes you to be a part of our 7000-student community representing 60 countries. HAMK has been offering the most inspiring and the most customer-oriented applied research since 1840. In addition to the competitive, high-quality education, HAMK is committed to driving new ways of thinking in our ever-changing world with outstanding modern learning facilities and world-class education methods.

University is united in our efforts to guide our students to international success. They have strong international networks, from which our students can take advantage of during and after their studies. The student is the centre of all out operations and the workplace is the immediate beneficiary. The students become the next generation leaders in their respective fields.

HAMK has seven campuses located in and around the picturesque lakeside town of Hämeenlinna in southern Finland with fantastic transport links to the rest of the country. HAMK degree programmes in English are held in Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski campuses. All the campuses are equipped with the latest technology to ensure our students reach their full potential and enjoy their time at HAMK


Finland is an exotic, peaceful and safe country in northern Europe with an abundance of natural beauty surrounding our modern infrastructure. Finland is known for as a land of thousands of lakes and as a home of innovation and technology. Finland is also ranked high in the OECD Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA). Did you know, Finland is claimed to be one of the happiest countries in the world?

  • Hämeenlinna 

The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation (HOPS) provides accommodation for degree and exchange students. The rent includes all housing related services, such as electricity, water and internet connection. Read more about student housing from their webpage: http://www.hops.fi/en/home

VVO &Lumo: Rental apartments Hämeenlinna

VVO and Lumo offer rental housing for all needs! Internet and water are included to the price. Rent security deposit is only 250 euros. See more on https://verkkokauppa.lumo.fi/en/apartments-for-rent/H%C3%A4meenlinna

  • Valkeakoski 

In Valkeakoski there are two student apartment buildings available. The two estates for students in Valkeakoski are administered by ValkeakoskenAsunnot Oy.

ValkeakoskenAsunnot Oy (ltd): www.valkeakoskenasunnot.fi/ Address: Valtakatu 22-24, 37600 Valkeakoski, Fax: +358 3 5691 6173, Office hours: Mon – Fri at 9 am – 3 pm. Not during weekends!

In order to find accommodation, you should fill in an application

Please make only one application, either online application or printed paper form but not both.

  • Riihimäki 

General information on Peltosaari residences

Student residences in Riihimäki are located in Peltosaari (either on Linnunradankatu 11–13 or Merkuriuksenkatu 5 or 7), and administered by HOPS, The Student-Residence Foundation of the Hämeenlinna Region. Most of apartments are shared by two or three persons (own bedroom), with a kitchen and a bathroom. They are located about 500 metres from the railway station and 1 km from the school. Grocery stores, gyms and other services are located nearby.

The student housing complex has a communal room for tenants (with possibility to play table tennis, etc.), a laundry room and a sauna. In the laundry room you can use the washing machine and the dryer for free. When planning to do the laundry, you should make a reservation in the reservation book (mark the time and the number of your apartment).

The rent for shared apartments is approximately €200 – 350 month. The rent includes all services, such as electricity, water, furniture, and the right to use the laundry, sauna and leisure time rooms. Each student must pay a deposit of €250. A bank transfer form will be given to the student upon signing the rental agreement. The student has one week to make the deposit payment. The deposit will be returned to the student if the apartment is left clean and tidy. If the apartment is left untidy, the deposit will be used for cleaning expenses.