Georgia Charalambous is a postgraduate student in Liverpool , England, studying at MSc HRM (Human Resources) Management).

Previous studies were the first degree in English Philology and MA TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages). So now she is in her second master’s degree, considering that it is a very good and useful choice for her future!

How is her student life at Liverpool ? Why did you choose this city, study and university?

Let’s see what she said in our interview about everything she does her student life separate:

Hello Georgia. First of all, what made you do your master’s degree in Liverpool, England? Was it because of the university? Life in England? The cost of living? Or something else?

At first, doing a postgraduate course in England seemed like a far-fetched plan to me. I studied English Philology and Literature at the University of Cyprus and then I decided that doing postgraduate studies in England would be very useful for myself. As it happened! And not only did I do a master’s degree, but now I am in the second one !!

The reasons that led me to Liverpool were many: the reputation of the University, the fact that it is a small and easy city, the people who are the MOST friendly people I have ever met in England (and not because I study there!), The cost of living, the tuition, and the fact that my first postgraduate degree was not offered by many Universities in the UK.

So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn about Liverpool – which I did not regret for a moment.

What was your first impression of Liverpool – both as a region and as a place of study?

Before I even left Cyprus to go to Liverpool, I felt like I was going home. Even when I took my first walks in the city I felt that way.

That I knew this city before, since it is so friendly and small that it embraces you from the very first moment.

I love Liverpool as if it were my second home!

Who informed you about the graduate student loan? Did anyone help you apply and secure a place at university for your master’s degree?

Unfortunately I could not get a student loan last year, since it was approved in 2016. In my second master’s degree I was helped by Global Educational Services for its procedures my registration.

Global is also the official sponsor of the Hellenic and Cypriot Society of Liverpool and I especially thank it for its help and support!

What do you think will be unforgettable from your postgraduate student days at Liverpool ? What makes it different from life in Cyprus?

Studying abroad you feel that you have a “double life”! In other words, you have your life in Cyprus and your life in England – something that is sometimes difficult to balance.

What I will never forget is all the friendships I have made with people from so many countries, my participation in the Liverpool Society as president and my travels within the country.

Unique experiences that only when you study abroad you will have the opportunity to win!

Would you recommend a prospective student to study at Liverpool (district and university)? What will they say to encourage him?

Of course yes! I would tell him that it is the most beautiful city in England and that the cost of living is incredibly low.

The fact that it has a sea and a port is something that differentiates it and makes it even more beautiful. As for the University of Liverpool , I would highly recommend it, due to the organization and how close it is to the student at all times!