Are you thinking of starting a study in the UK ? Wondering what a student life will look like and would like to know the basics from a student’s perspective ?

We recently spoke with a student studying at Reading , George Stratis . George is from Nicosia and is 23 years old. He is studying Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading.

Let’s see what he said in our interview about his student life in Reading :

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Hello George, First of all, do you want to tell us what convinced you to study in Reading in England?

I always had in mind that England is a country with many university choices, as well as an advanced education system .

The University of Reading is a good university that paves the way for later and combines a good name, facilities, relatively low cost of living and student life.

What steps did you follow before you started your studies? What should a prospective English student look out for?

First of all, I had decided what I wanted to pursue and so I made the right course choices that would help me get to university. A prospective student must first decide on the topic he or she is interested in pursuing.

Then he should visit approved consultants who will inform him with all the information, in order to make his access easier. It will then need to provide the requested scores .

What do you think is the best element of your student life in Reading ?

The best part of my student life is that in Reading everything can be combined : reading, fun, hobbies and at the same time lower cost of living.

Reading also has the society of students from Cyprus and Greece which helps to build relationships between them. The society organizes with great success events, such as Greek nights , with well-known DJs from Cyprus and Greece, pilot and biribas competitions, bingo, barbecue, charity events and much more. I would also like to mention the great help that society receives from Global educational Services to make the most of up.

Would you recommend a prospective student to study at Reading (area and university)? What would be your arguments to convince him?

I would definitely recommend Reading, because it is generally a quiet place , which provides the student with the most ideal and safest environment to live his student life.

In addition, the University of Reading is ranked as one of the top universities in UK research.

Also, the city of Reading was recently voted one of the safest cities in the United Kingdom.

What are your future plans and how do you think your degree will help you achieve them?

My future plans are to achieve a remarkable degree in my degree so that I can be accepted for my postgraduate studies at reputable universities in London.

I believe such a degree through its subject matter, helps in the breadth of way of thinking and at the same time opens the doors for any other field, for a successful professional rehabilitation and career.

We thank George for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?