Are you thinking of starting a study in the UK ? Wondering what a student life will look like and would like to know the basics from a student’s perspective ?

We recently spoke with a third-year student at Nottingham , George Andreou , originally from Limassol. He is studying BSc Economics and Econometrics at University of Nottingham .

His interests are based on sports and especially football, as he is a big supporter of Apollon Limassol. He also really likes politics , but also his participation in the public, both in Cyprus and in Nottingham.

See below what he told us about his student life in Nottingham:

Hello George. First you want to explain to us why you chose Nottingham for your studies and specifically the study of Economics?

I greet you and thank you for the invitation. Choosing both a study and a university is a very difficult but complex decision that every student has to make.

The truth is that I always thought I had an appeal in Economics and in that the professor of Economics at the school I attended helped me.

I was one of the lucky ones, since I was accepted by all 5 universities to which I had applied.

Based on various criteria and especially the university rankings , I chose Nottingham, something I have never regretted!

How did you manage to secure a place at your university? Was it your main choice from the beginning?

To be honest, it took a lot of work and effort to get into my university. I did not have exactly one main choice, so when all 5 universities accepted me, it was a very difficult choice.

Would a meeting with the University’s Exclusive Representative in Europe help young students considering studying at the University of Nottingham?

Mrs. Despo and Mr. Chris have helped us in several cases of students to date, so I would like to thank them again through this interview.

I can confirm that Global Education’s services are perfect and highly professional.

Do you enjoy life in the UK? What makes Nottingham such a city that sets it apart from other cities in England?

Life in the UK is much easier and more enjoyable than most people who come. I’m very happy here in Nottingham as it is a perfect campus , with very welcoming residents and countless opportunities.

The university is excellent in all areas, with perhaps the most magnificent campuses in the UK.

It is neither a huge city nor a village. The city center is picturesque and highlights English architecture with buildings you do not often find in other English cities .

One thing we can say for sure, too, is that the Mayor of the City really cares about both Nottingham and the people and students who live here.

In the main square, to understand what I mean, every week there are various activities , each with a separate theme. For example, a small Halloween theme park was recently set up for young and old alike to have fun with.

So, we can say that our city combines what every student can ask for .

Do you think that studying Economics, especially in England, will help you learn more than if you studied in Cyprus? Why?

In general, studying in England is more recognized than studying in any other country in the European Union and this comes from the respect we receive from companies in general.

However, I would not say that we are getting more learning knowledge compared to the students in Cyprus, as the universities of our country have raised the level a lot in recent years.

But the good thing about studying in England compared to Cyprus is that students here have more internships and work opportunities , both during and at the end of their studies.

What are your experiences with the Greek Cypriot society in Nottingham? What do you enjoy most?
Facebook: SOS events

My experiences so far are excellent . We work every day to provide as much help as we can to our students. The response of the people is impressive and even moving I can say.

Every week in Nottingham we have students from other cities in England who come to see the city up close, but also to explode through the various events we provide to students as a Community.

Global Education , as a sponsor of our society, is with us from the first moment as we are in constant contact with the company. Ms. Despo and Mr. Chris really care about us students and try to support us, either financially or materially.

Finally, what do you consider to be a necessary move to make before deciding to study in England? What advice would you give?

I would not say that necessary moves exist, as as we all know every beginning is difficult . Problems, worries and difficulties will never be missing from the life of a student, wherever he studies.

But there must be a real will to be able to successfully complete this crucial part of life. It would be good for those who have the opportunity to visit England before coming to study, to attend the various open days organized by all Universities during the academic year, so that have a comprehensive view of university choice.

It would also be wise, if a prospective student knows university graduates in England , to take advice on the various choices he has, both for the way of life in each city and for the quality of teaching in the various Universities.

We thank George for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?

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