On Tuesday, September 1st, the 4th Freshers Fair was crowned with absolute success at the Landmark Hotel in Nicosia.

Organizers of the event were Global Education, Educational Advisors for Student Placement and Recruitment, and the National Student Union of Cypriots (EFEK), United Kingdom. The event was held with the participation of more than 30 Greek and Greek-Cypriot Student Associations based in England. Admission to the event was free. All the necessary measures dictated by the pandemic law were followed at the event.

The aim of the event was for first-year students in England to get to know the members of their university’s student associations and to get useful information about their new city of residence. The event was also attended by the experienced educational advisors of Global Education where they offered advice to those who needed help.

Also present, accommodation consultants of Student Lettings, a free online service that offers private homes and homes throughout the UK for rent. The real estate rental consultants spoke with several students and guided them to successfully ensure their stay quickly and easily, online.

The event was opened with a greeting by the president of EFEK UK, Mr. George Andreou, where he thanked all participants and attendees, followed by a short greeting from the CEO of Global Education Chris Sofroniou, who reiterated the company’s consistent position on assisting and supporting students achieving their academic excellence. Speeches were also made by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Culture, Dr. Kyriakos Hatzigiannis but also by the His Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikos Christodoulides where he made an update on current events and developments in educational issues concerning Greek-Cypriot students of the United Kingdom.


On behalf of the organizers, Global Education first thanked all participants for their very positive feedback on the benefits they gained by participating, with referrals made to the efficient and accurate information they received, the network of new contacts and practical solutions to student loans and accommodation.

The management of Global Education also gave warm thanks to the esteemed guest speakers and also to the event’s communication supporters, Mix FM Radio Station that always supports such events and the Portal, Studentlife.com.cy.

Particular reference was made to all Greek-Cypriot Student Associations that offer invaluable support to all of their members and their participation in this event is catalytic every year.

Finally, Global Education expressed its gratitude to its long-term partners for their valuable assistance, Shipping4All, StudentLettings, and UniAssignment who proved to be an integral part of the event this year.

Global Education, for more than 20 years has been offering support and knowledge to Greek-Cypriot students and will always have a protagonist role in events that aim to support, guide and empower students to realize a successful and beautiful student life.