Students who are in the final year of Gymnasium are soon to be called to make a decision whether they will choose Lyceum or Technical School. This decision may affect their studies and their future.

In collaboration with the Federation of Parents of Secondary Technical Education Associations of Nicosia, Global Educational Services offers a free meeting with one of its specialized educational advisors. The aim of this meeting is that the counselor will help the student to get to know himself, to clarify his professional preferences and to set his educational and professional goals.

In detail, this service includes:

  • Assessment of students performance and needs
  • Analysis of the student’s personality, inclinations, interests and skills
  • Guidance regarding the choice of direction and courses
  • Information about the program options he may have when he finishes school
  • Information on countries of study that he can choose for his future studies.

The counseling can be done in person at our offices in Nicosia or online through ZOOM teleconferencing platform. It is noted that strict order of priority will be observed. For information and to arrange an appointment you can call us on 22 780250 and 22785022

In addition, the Career Gate Test is offered at a special price of 49 euros from 67 euros. The purpose of the test is to encourage the student to obtain a complete picture of himself and to identify the professions that suit him.

Career Gate has the following advantages:

  • It takes about 30 minutes
  • The process is easy via the internet
  • You do not require the presence of a training consultant
  • The user answers Yes or No to easily answer questions
  • At the end of the test with one click you automatically get your personal results
  • The results are easily understood by the parent and the student. No analysis required by a qualified consultant.
  • Clearly records your personality, inclinations, abilities and skills
  • Identifies and finds precisely the professions that really suit the student

Instructions on how the test can be performed :

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Select the language you want to be tested in

Step 3 – Click on “Add to cart” and enter the code OFFER2021

Step 4 – Fill in your details and proceed to the completion of the order

Step 5 – Payment is made via PayPal. When payment is completed, the link to start the test is displayed. The results will be sent to your email.


For any information call 22 780250 or 22 785022.