Studies are an important stage full of knowledge, education and experiences. They are a station that everyone should experience in modern society. Such experiences become even more enjoyable when you have the appropriate support from the University community. An ideal community is a community that will embrace you and help you find your way.

A Cypriot student from the University of Reading had such an experience. The University of Reading has offered a number of scholarships to help prospective students make their dreams come true and pursue the careers they desire. .

One of these scholarships was claimed by the student Mikaella K yriakou, who wanted to express her experiences as shown below:

“For the last four years I have been living and studying at Reading , where I completed my degree in Law and this year I am doing my postgraduate LLM in International Corporate Finance . The reason I chose to pursue my postgraduate studies at the University of Reading was not only because I got a scholarship , but also because of the amazing experience I had during his previous three years degree there.

There are many reasons that led me to continue my studies at the University of Reading and that is why I highly recommend it to new students. It is also one one of the most beautiful cities in England . The location of the city is pleasant and convenient as it is close to London. It’s a very friendly and safe city that makes you feel at home – something that was very important to me when I first got there. Then the academic support provided by the professors at the university is essential. They are always willing to help everyone in their specialty.

Student life here at Reading I would say is ideal.

The university’s Student Union is also one of the best in the country. It is innovative and offers various options in terms of clubs and teams for every taste. Most importantly, a degree from the University of Reading is a guarantee of several job opportunities . “The University of Reading can offer its students great experiences and a great foundation for a successful career.”

The student road is a pleasant road, a road that leads to new places, but at the same time it is a road where you can encounter obstacles. The University of Reading recognizes these difficulties and, wanting to be close to the student, offers its support this year as well, offering postgraduate scholarships and aids.