Are you thinking of starting a study in the UK ? Wondering what a student life will look like and would like to know the basics from a student’s perspective ?

We recently spoke with a third-year student at Derby , Barnabas Stavrakis , originally from Nicosia. He is studying Business Management at the University of Derby . His main hobby is the gym.

See below what he told us about his student life at Derby:

Hello Barnabas. First of all, can you tell us the reasons that led you to go to study in England? Why didn’t you stay in Cyprus?

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Personally, I think that having the opportunity to study abroad is an incredibly good opportunity. In addition to the endless experiences you gain, you learn how to survive in an unfamiliar environment in which you are likely to encounter many challenges.

My choice to come to England was initially due to the fact that one can obtain a degree within 3 years and within a period of 4 years be a graduate of a Postgraduate Study. There are also more opportunities in the international workforce, thus laying a solid foundation for the future.

Why did you go to Derby in particular?

It’s a small but suitable city for a new student . It is a campus that combines everything and meets every need

Also, the location of Derby, in the center of the map of England, gives the opportunity to be able to travel to many parts of England in a short time.

My choice to come to Derby was made through Global Education , when he guided me from the first moment, so that I could clarify what my final decision would be.

How do you find student life in England? What impresses you most about your studies at Business Management at a British university?

Student life in England, apart from reading hours, I would say is enjoyable , knowing that you have people next to you with whom you have made strong friendships that will last .

A characteristic of a British university is the professionalism of the learning system, but of the logistical infrastructure for the students.

Regarding the study I chose, I had the opportunity to attend several seminars by very experienced entrepreneurs about their achievements.

I got in touch with them up close, and through social media, as well as the opportunity to visit their workplace, through organizing short trips.

What is the most memorable experience you have ever had while studying or with your friends at Derby?

There are really many moments that I will never forget with the company we have created here in Derby, which we can all now call family .

Starting from personal knowledge and experiences I have gained up to the endless Greek student nights (Greek music nights) that we organize, excursions with our football team, which takes part in the HSC Midlands Futsal Tournament and the English radio station RepaniaFm, which has spread to many parts of the UK this year, thanks to the Municipality of Georgiadis.

Finally, what would you advise a student or prospective student considering starting a Derby?

Personally, I would suggest someone to come and study in Derby, in order to gain the experiences we have had , if possible more.

As for the university, there is nothing to scare a new student, since the professors always make sure to be close to both the difficulties and our achievements.

With the continuous upgrades in all the facilities of the University, its main concern is the ease of education, but also more amenities for a student.

In addition, knowing the difficulty of coming abroad to study, Hellenic & amp; Cypriot Society of Derby cares and is active and ready for another year, willing to work so that it can meet the needs of our young students in particular.

Finally, having worked many times with Global Education , which is our main sponsor, I would tell someone to consult Global, as their professional team is on the student’s side / strong>, throughout its course.

We thank Barnabas for what he told us and wish him every success in what he does in the future! ?

Do you want to study at Derby University in England? Contact the exclusive representative of the university in Cyprus, Global Education , for more information & amp; securing a place!