The visit was organized by the team of Derby University at the Technical School in Nicosia, on Friday, March 8, 2019. The purpose of the visit was to conduct an experiential workshop with students from Chef and Lecturer Phil Hardy.

Mr. Hardy showed students how to make English bread and scones, and then students, under Mr. Hardy’s supervision, made their own. The aim of the visit was to bring students in contact with new ways of making bread and familiarizing them with people from abroad who specialize in their field. Students also had the opportunity to learn the curricula offered by the university in the gastronomic industry.

The visit was in the framework of cooperation between the Federation of Parents’ Associations and Technical Education of Nicosia and the educational organization Global Education, for informing parents and students regarding study fields and universities abroad.

A big thank you to the school staff, especially to the Assistant Director of hospitality Mr. Giannaki Papageorgiou, to the Association of Parents of Secondary and Technical Education Nicosia and lastly thanks to Professors Andreas Ionas and Pambos Antoniou for the beautiful and warm hospitality.