Chef and Lecturer Phil Hardy from Derby University, after his first very successful visit in March 2019, visited the Nicosia Technical School once again on Thursday, November 28, 2019 for an experiential workshop for students of the culinary-baking department. Students also had the opportunity to learn the curricula offered by the university in the field of culinary arts.

The visit was part of a collaboration between the Nicosia Parents Association and Nicosia Technical Federation and Global Education Educational organization, to inform students and parents as well as for students to get in contact with tutors from Universities in the UK that specify in their major.

Acknowledgments to the school management, in particular the Assistant Director of Hospitality. Giannakis Papageorgiou and Professor Andrea Iona. Special thanks to the Nicosia Federation of Secondary and Technical Education Parents’ Associations and in particular to President Pambos Dionysiou and to Costas Eleftheriou Technical School Manager for organizing and supporting the visit.