Are you considering studying in the United Kingdom ? Wondering what student life will look like and would like to learn the basics from students who are already studying there?

We recently spoke with 3 Cypriot students studying at the Derby in England . Specifically, we received important information from Dimos Georgiadis , who is studying Law, is 22 years old and is the president and founder of the Greek Cypriot society in Derby .

Let’s see what they shared with us about their student life:

Hello guys. First you want to explain to us separately why you chose the Derby , instead of another area-university, for your studies?

Antonis Georgiou: Derby is a relatively small quiet town, full of greenery and parks with lakes, which provides everything a student in England needs.

One of the main reasons I chose to study in Derby is because it is in the center of England and it is much easier to travel to other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and London.

The Greek Cypriot Society is very helpful and constantly organizes various events, where we all get together and have a good time.

Finally, Derby University has excellent facilities and continues to make various upgrades, with the aim of continually improving all areas and providing as many facilities as possible to its students.

Studying in England comes with many responsibilities and obligations. How did you prepare before coming to the Derby to avoid stress? Did you have specific guidance?

Orestis Leontiou: It is true that for a young person, the decision to come to England to study is a big step in his life, which hides various difficulties, responsibilities and obligations.

In my opinion, the best way to prepare as a young person for this new page in your life is to do the proper research for the city you are going to, the industry you have decided to pursue and the differences between Cyprus and England.

On the other hand, there are definitely people who can guide you properly and put you on the right track. In my case, Global Education in conjunction with the Greek Cypriot society in the Derby , they guided and supported me in every case, something that made me feel ready and much more comfortable for my studies.

How you decided to get involved with the Hellenic Cypriot society of the Derby ; What are the most important actions / actions you have taken so far?

Municipality of Georgia: First of all, I would like to thank StudentLife for giving us the opportunity to express our views on student life in England.

My decision to be actively involved in the Greek Cypriot society of Derby, was a decision that will definitely have a special place in my life. The responsibility I felt as a young person to offer and create, was also the reason that pushed me to create society and improve the lives of Greek / Cypriot students in Derby. From the first day I came to Derby, I felt that something was missing , as the Cypriot students were not united, they were not a big group.

First I would like to refer to the first radio station that we created in England, the “ Repania Fm ” which started last year from Derby and after a year will be broadcast in another 6 cities (London, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Reading). Our radio station is growing day by day, and I can only feel proud as we see our efforts rewarded.

Also in Derby we started the first Greek Cypriot football championship , in which the Greek Cypriot societies of Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leicester participate. This championship lasts a total of 5 months, and gives the opportunity to all students who love football to continue it in England in a competitive league.

It also brings together students from nearby cities , and gives societies the opportunity to meet, collaborate and build good relationships. Also, the tournament costs are paid from the sponsorships, so the students are transferred from city to city without having to pay the ticket costs.

Finally, I would like to mention the steps taken to improve the lives of students at Derby. With the help of Global Education , whom I thank warmly, we were able to make the Derby known to Greek and Cypriot students, as well as the help we offer is now known to many. As a society, we host 2 pre departure meetings with new Derby students , with the aim of guiding them so that they prepare as best they can for the new experience that awaits them.

Also, when we return to Derby, we organize a “ welcome party ” where new students have the opportunity to meet the “old” of Derby, but also to solve various questions that may have arisen. From there, we organize every week various events such as pilot competitions, backgammon backgammon, etc., Greek nights, art nights, trips to neighboring areas, etc. .

What will you not forget about your student life in England and specifically in the Derby ? How different is it from life in Cyprus?

Dimos Georgiadis: There are many things that will forever be etched in my memory. I will never forget the company we created at Derby , the personal experiences and knowledge I gained, the effort and time we put into achieving it all… em> joy of success and personal pleasure I felt when I saw that Derby, and beyond, finally became a big family.

I will never forget how I got to Derby and how I left, because as a person I could offer a lot, but what Derby has to offer and student life in England is even more.

The difference between student life in Cyprus and England is that students live away from their families, and are asked to live alone, which creates strong friendships and special experiences. Slowly you become independent and take on your responsibilities alone.

England also offers you unique experiences , and because it is a multinational country, it gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get to know different cultures.

We thank the students for what they told us and wish them every success in what they do in the future! ?

Do you want to study in the Derby of England? Contact the representative of the university in Cyprus, Global Education Services , for more information & amp; secure a place!