During the pandemic period, Global Education Services took various actions always taking care of its employees and customers health, while also offering support to its students studying abroad.

  1. Before the announcement of “Lock down”, the company took the necessary steps in order for employees could continue to work normally and safely from their home so the company did not suspend its activities.
  2. Informative campaign to the public through our social media, informing them that we continue to provide our services using new means of technology to make it easier to contact our current and new customers.
  3. We kept an open line of communication with the International Officers of the universities we represent, in order for us to be the first point of contact regarding the latest developments so we can then inform students and their parents.
  4. Following the announcement of the Undersecretary of Education, Michel Donnelan, on 28 March 2020 for students to remain in the UK, we prepared letters and announcements of support ‘Be safe stay well’ by displaying them on the web pages of student unions and on all social media.
  5. We collaborated with various universities which we represent for the organization of teleconferences in the form of Q&A, using Zoom platform, with the International officers answering questions and queries of our Cypriot students who wanted information.
  6. We offered financial support to the National Student Union of Cyprus (EFEK) of the United Kingdom for the purchase of antiseptics and food for all their members. We maintained in frequent communication with EFEK, promoting all the announcements related to the subject of COVID-19.
  7. Telephone contact with all our students who were stuck in UK to find out what problems they experienced and how we can support them. Through this communication they lacked information from their universities and so a suggestion was made for the Universities to organize teleconferences with students.
  8. In addition to supporting students studying in England, we also supported students and their parents who will be studying in September 2020 through personal communication and frequent information on all new announcements from the British government. We also organized webinars with the universities which students held a secure admission position (offer letter) giving them the opportunity to resolve any questions and concerns. We informed them about relevant online seminars organized by the universities that took place during the incarceration.
  9. With the launch of Lock Down in England we had direct personal contact with all the presidents of the Hellenic societies of the universities we represent to discuss the problems and how we can support our students. This communication continued throughout the pandemic. Again through this communication we managed to identify problems and questions that students had and we transferred them to the university where they in turn dealt with them immediately.
  10. Frequent information to the public through the social media, with educational articles by the Managing Director, Chris Sofroniou about the situation in England. We dealt effectively with the misinformation that existed. Substantial assistance was provided to parents whose children chose to stay in England during the pandemic. In addition, the CEO made appearances on the television and radio stations, responsibly informing larger masses.
  11. We have implemented the pioneering Universal Application Form (www.uniapplicationform.com) for students who wanted advice and guidance for universities that can be accepted on the basis of their academic qualifications without having to come to our office, simply by filling out the form and attaching their academic qualifications. This service was free and many students found it useful.
  12. We went ahead and became IELTS Official Test Center. Through our partnership with IPS and Sheridan Educational Services – owners and co-founders of IELTS to offer our students more options and more flexibility on IELTS test, in small groups of 6-8 people.

Global Education, from the beginning of the pandemic, first sought full compliance with all decrees, ensuring the health of its employees and customers. With the advent of the first phases of the relaxation measures, to this day, we continue our efforts to continuously support and inform affected students and we assure them that we will continue to provide information and assistance to those wishing to study in the UK. Webinars and continuous flow of articles are shown on our website (www.globaleducationcy.com ) but also in all media.
Those who need information regarding their studies can contact us at 22 780250/22 785022 or via electronic media (