You may often hear from friends and acquaintances that they are thinking of studying, or are already studying in England . They talk about student life as well as their lessons – most with enthusiasm. But what is true?

To find out more, we recently spoke with a Cypriot student studying in England. Specifically, Katerina Kyprianou is 18 years old from Nicosia and is a first year student in Business and Management, at University of Reading < in England.

Let’s see what she told us about her student life in England:

Hello Katerina. First you want to tell us the main reason that persuaded you to go to study in England and specifically in Reading ;

The initial thought for my studies was to stay in Cyprus mainly for financial reasons. Nevertheless. from a young age I wanted to study abroad. So after a discussion with my parents and after researching the issue of the European student loan, we came to the choice of England. Reading in particular, I chose because I liked the campus of the university, and especially my school, the “Henley Business School”.

What was your first impression of Reading – both as a place and as a place to study?

Reading in my opinion is a great place to study, because not only is the university level very high, but it is also beautiful as a city. It is a small and crowded city that calms you down. From the first moment I loved this city and it felt like it was a familiar place to me.

How has your life changed since you Reading ? Do you prefer England or Cyprus?

Certainly the change is great, because I did not come to university just, which is also a huge step in our lives, but I am in another country, without my family and friends. This question is difficult to answer, because both places are beautiful. But, Cyprus is definitely the country I grew up in, so I have developed a unique relationship with it.

What makes student life special in Reading ? Describe a typical day for you (university and fun).

Student life in Reading is very nice, because it is a relatively small town so it is easy to learn and easy to transport. It is also very close to London. There are many places for fun and we have the Cypriot and Greek society that organizes many events.

Initially, I wake up early in the morning, because my classes are usually in the morning and I go to school. Then I come home, I can talk a little with my family and friends and in the afternoon I go to other classes. When I come back, I read a little and then I meet my friends. Sometimes we can go to the city.

Would you recommend your study in particular or your university in general to other students? Why?

I would definitely recommend my university to other students, especially those who want to work in the field of Business, because our school is very good.

In general, both the university and the city of Reading are beautiful.

Did any training consultant help you in your final choice? How important was his help in your final decision?

Yes. I made the choice to study Reading with the help of “ Global Educational Services ” and specifically of Mr. Sofronios who helped me a lot with the whole process about English universities. It is a very cooperative service, because even though my decision to study in England was a last minute one, they managed to help me make and make the right choices.

Finally, what would you advise someone who has doubts whether to study in Cyprus or England?

Whether I will study Cyprus or England was also my thought as I mentioned above. I did not regret coming to England and I am very happy with life here. But this is purely financial, because life here is definitely more expensive.

But if I had the choice again to choose where to study, again I would choose that.