During the graduation ceremony for the students of Cyprus Higher Hotel Institute (HHIC) which was held on July 16, 2019, Chris Sofroniou, CEO of Global, awarded two outstanding students.

Specifically, the first prize was offered to Maria Tenor of the Culinary Arts program, for her excellent performance and morality, by the University of Derby and specifically from the School of Tourism & Culinary Arts, for € 250, this was awarded by Mr. Sofroniou (since Global is the sole representative of Derby in Cyprus).

The second prize of € 150 was offered by Global Educational Services to Konstantina Michaelidis for her outstanding performance and morale while studying at the Cooking Arts program. Good luck to both!

Global Educational Services has a long-standing partnership with HHIC, for over 20 years sending top students from HHIC to continue their studies at the University of Derby since 2000. Global Educational Services has assisted over 200 students to assist and complete their degree from HHIC at the University of Derby. Some of them have been internationally distinguished in scientific and professional conferences and competitions abroad, some even went on to become doctorates and teach internationally. The University of Derby, Buxton is the only specialized campus in England for hotel, tourist, culinary, spa and event management studies. The programs combine, academic study with hands-on practice in a well-established university and in a remarkably specialized environment. These academic programs accept students from various European and foreign countries from public and private schools who do not offer their own degrees in the final year of the top-up program based on ECTS credit points. Meaning, the student entering this program must have covered the ECTS credit points set by pan-European academic criteria in order to be able to continue.

For more information you can contact Global Educational Services at 22 780250 and 22 785022.